Chillura Courthouse Square


Joe Chillura Courthouse Square was dedicated in January 2000 by the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners.

The park is one city block, 245 feet by 242 feet, and features a circular park design, public art (Freedom Sculpture), a covered gazebo, and a history walking trail. The "dome" of the gazebo resembles the dome of the 1892 County Courthouse and the image on the County Seal.

Shade trees at the park are live oaks and the palms are the Florida state tree, the cabbage palm. The ground cover is a native plant called coontie. Ten times around the square is approximately one mile.

Joe Chillura Courthouse Square (map) is located on the block surrounded by Kennedy Blvd. on the south and Morgan, Madison, and Pierce Streets in the Government Center district of downtown Tampa.

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