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Pelican Landscapers considers that each task is different and needs tailor-made solutions. The team of professionals at the company uses a myriad of landscapes such as synthetic grass, general maintenance, and patio and BBQ areas for your backyards and lawns. For people who are seeking landscaping options, the business provides the most effective technology for synthetic grass, general maintenance, and premium patio and BBQ areas.

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New Orleans


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Pelican Landscapers

Pelican Landscapers has 25 years of experience in rendering the finest hardscapes and has a team of renowned landscapers. The business is one of the exceptionally credible landscaping contractors in New Orleans, LA whose mission is to offer excellent and cost-effective landscapes. Together with their trustworthy team, the company attends to each individual to ensure they are in excellent care.

It can result to a big problem if you underestimate the purpose of doing a thorough background check while hiring a contractor. Before doing any actual hiring, you need to carefully examine all reviews and feedback from references. We've collected some excellent suggestions to get you on your way to finding the perfect contractor, so keep reading.

One sign of a valued contractor is the ability to provide an accurate estimate before beginning work. Once you have provided the job details, the landscaping service provider should then present you with an estimate. Never begin the work until you have a written estimate as a verbal estimate holds low value if things do not go well. Do not work with a local contractor that cannot present you with a good estimate for the project.

Every area has different regulations and building codes. When hiring a contractor, make certain they are knowledgeable about these codes. It becomes easier to complete the job if the contractor is aware of the rules and regulations. By presenting certain challenging scenarios to your contractor, you will be able to know how he can handle challenges.