Iron Works


(512) 478-4855

via Hoofing It on the SXSW Blog.

Iron Works is a SXSW or any other convention Downtown tradition for me. They do tasty brisket and ribs, as well as decent sausage. It’s not the Salt Lick, but you will not leave Texas having missed a good Q either. They also do a BBQ turkey plate, but in my opinion, that’s not BBQ.


SXSW Conference



100 Red River

SXSW Festival

A map of the 2006 SXSW Festival, where I will be speaking in March, including local hotels, restaurants, and entertainment.

Most of the information on this map is from other blogs and sources. I tried to credit the original author each time.

Please add to it as I have never been to the festival and would love suggestions on good restaurants.

-Jared (CommunityWalk Founder)