NW 107th Ave Stairway


NW 107th Ave Stairway: 176 stairs
Lower end: NW St Helens Rd
Upper end: NW 3rd St
Type: metal (lower); concrete (upper)
Parking: Linnton Community Center
Elevation gain: 104 ft
Note: See "Portland's Little Red Book of Stairs", page 156, for description.


NW 107th Ave Stairway lower section

NW 107th Ave Stairway middle section between 1st and 2nd St

NW 107th Ave Stairway upper section

Portland Stairs

An inventory of Portland outdoor public stairways with each stairway having 100 or more stairs. Most of these stairways are described in Laura O. Foster's book, "The Portland Stairs Book". Go to publicstairs.com for more info and stair maps for other cities.