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Community and Historical Website in Ushaw Moor and the Deerness Valley.

Ushaw Moor is an ex-coal mining village three miles west of the Historic City of Durham and a short distance to the South of Bearpark.

Parish registers suggests that the settlement dates to a least the sixteenth century. The village existed in a largely agricultural state, with a windmill being its one feature up till the nineteenth century.

Ushaw College is located to the north of the village a Roman Catholic seminary and one of the constituent colleges of the University of Durham. It moved to Ushaw Moor in 1808, on the initiative of Bishop Gibson. It was originally founded at Douai in France in 1568.



Ushaw Moor

117 Oakridge Road

Station House Ushaw Moor

Ushaw Moor, Durham , UK

Interactive multimedia map of Ushaw Moour, County Durham, UK. Showing Historical photos from Ushaw Moor Site with geographical positions. Included is cycle route following Deerness Valley Branch with Photos of interesting points on the way.