981 McFadins Station


Marker reads, The first in this area, 1785. On north bank of Barren River, built by Andrew McFadden McFadden, one of 8 brothers from N.C., all of whom fought in Revolutionary War. Five of them later came to KY., settled along Barren River. Andrew made first surveys of much of the land in this region. McFadins was stopover for Robert Moore, who founded Bowling Green about 1796. Reverse, Cumberland Trace - McFadins Station stood near the Cumberland Trace, an important artery in the development of this region, used by many who settled this area. The route branched off from the Wilderness Road near Harrodsburg, came past present sites of Greensburg and Glasgow, crossed the Barren River here and continued on to the Cumberland settlements, now Nashville, Tennessee.




Mapping Kentucky History Warren County Markers

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