St. Mary's Church


Founded in 1857 by 33 families, including several ancestors of William and Rose Smith Drueke. Father Alexander F. Zugelder said his first Mass here in 1894.



Grand Rapids

423 1st St NW

St. Mary's Church, 1907

Pieta donated in 1879 by Elizabeth Lavo together with Father Ehrenstrasser

Rev. Alexander Zugelder, 4th priest ordained from St. Mary's. Source: History of St. Mary's Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., 1907.

Photo taken in 1894 at the time of Fr. Zugelder's ordination or first Mass. Back row: Father Alexander F. Zugelder with two unidentified girls. Front row: Rose Viola Smith.

Holy card: "To commemorate the first Mass of Reverend Alexander Zugelder, celebrated on July 8, 1894, in St. Mary's Church in Grand Rapids, Mich." Bottom: Psalm 115, verse 4: "The cup of salvation I will take up, and I will call upon the name of the Lord."

St. Mary's Church, 1857

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