Wm. Drueke wholesale liquors


Where William Peter Drueke operated his wholesale liquor business from 1897 to 1911.



Grand Rapids

34 Ionia Ave NW

Letterhead at 30 N. Ionia (34 after 1912)

Lakeside Club Bouquet poster, 1897-1910, painting on glass owned by Felix Pytlinske, Jr., owner of Felix's, Stearns Bayou, Grand Haven, Michigan. Lithograph obtained by Elizabeth Drueke.

Lakeside Club poster, with picture of Lakeside Club at Reed's Lake in Grand Rapids, 1897-1910. Owned by Old San Francisco Steakhouse in Dallas, Texas (shut down in 2005 but poster is still there, per Paul at Paul's Porterhouse across the street). Discovered by Peter Biggins when he moved to Dallas in 1980. Photo by William Biggins in the 1980s. Touchup arranged by Mary Kay Drueke Groening.

Loreley poster, 1897-1910, purchased by Peter Biggins on eBay in 2003 with the assistance of William Biggins.

Five Girls poster, 1897-1910, obtained by Mary Kay Drueke Groening from the Drueke Games office of her father, Wm. F. Drueke, Jr.

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