803 California St. NW


Where Wm. and Regina Theresa Fassnacht Koch lived from at least 1872. Daughter Christine married Cris J. Smith in 1880. They lived with the Kochs and their daughter Rose Viola was born here in 1882. Christine died in 1887. Regina died in 1888. Wm. married Elizabeth Lavo in 1889. William died in 1905. Elizabeth died in 1911.



Grand Rapids

803 California St NW

Koch home on California Street. Woman on right is Elizabeth Lavo Koch.

Woman on right is Elizabeth Lavo Koch.

Christine Koch Smith, 1860-1887.

Photo probably taken in 1894 at the time of Fr. Zugelder's ordination or first Mass. Back row: Cris J. Smith, Alexander F. Zugelder, Charles A. Hauser. Front row: Rosa Schmitt Hauser, William Koch, Rose Viola Smith, Elizabeth Lavo Koch.

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