Drueke factory 1919-26


William F. Drueke needed more space in 1919 so he moved from a small rented factory on Scribner and bought this larger factory at Marshall and the Pere Marquette railroad. Soon after moving to Marshall Avenue, Will added a furniture line of tables, desks, and other items for the home.



Grand Rapids

Marshall Ave Se

Flyer showing Will Drueke playing chess with Samuel Reshevsky in 1919.

Sammy Reshevsky and Charlie Chaplin playing chess with a Drueke set in 1921 while editing "The Kid" in his Hollywood studio.

Will Drueke and Samuel Reshevsky in the center of a U-shaped table of chess players at the Hotel Breslin at Broadway at 29th Street in New York on February 27, 1922. American Chess Bulletin, March 1922, p. 44.

Wm. F. Drueke & Co., Model 677, spinet desk with electric light, clock, and perpetual calendar, 1924.

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