Six Wells Bottom

Down this valley flow the streams that feed the lake. On either side are wooded slopes known as Sunny and Shady Hangings. Before the garden was constructed, the valley formed part of an enclosed deer-park.

At he head of the valley is St. Peter's Pump, a fifteenth century conduit removed from Bristol in 1768 and reerected on a grotto base over the spring in Six Wells Bottom, a grassy marshy valley descending towards the house. There is another removal right at the head of the lake - the 1373 Bristol High Cross, given to Henry Hoare in 1780.

Heading back to St Alfred's Tower and a short journey to The Red Lion for lunch.

Sue achieving a delicate balancing act!

Stourhead Circular November 2010

This circular walk follows a route around the National Trust's Stourhead Estate. The great gardens of Stourhead were created in the 18th century by Henry Hoare, of the wealthy banking family. The walk takes in a variety of different landscapes.