Alfred's Tower

Alfred's Tower is one of the finest triangular folly towers in the country. It stands 160 feet high, sheer windowless brick and built for the view from the top. Designed in 1765, it was completed in 1772 on the spot where Alfred the Great erected his standard against Danish invaders in AD 870.
Henry Hoare had the idea of the tower in 1762 after reading about Alfred in Voltaire's "Histoire Generale".

Group photo #1 at the start of the walk with Alfred's Tower in the background. Summer has definitely gone as we are wrapped up for a cold day.

Group photo #2 shows the the broad avenue leading up to the Tower. This was was part of the driveway that the Hoare family used to visit the Tower.

Off we go starting on a well defined path - Stour Valley Way footpath - through extensive woodlands of the Stourhead Estate.

Stourhead Circular November 2010

This circular walk follows a route around the National Trust's Stourhead Estate. The great gardens of Stourhead were created in the 18th century by Henry Hoare, of the wealthy banking family. The walk takes in a variety of different landscapes.