Turner's Paddock

We walk through the woods until reaching a gate which leads into Turner's Paddock. JMW Turner, along with many other painters, visited Stourhead and painted several pictures. There's always been a rumour that Turner painted in this field and subsequently it was always known as Turner's Paddock.

Larry, Jan Lesley and Robert at the rear of the group. Two conversations were taking place. First, why are the others going so fast? Especially as Des was not on the walk! Second, Robert was explaining the highlights of New York to Larry for a planned visit to the 'Big Apple'.

Approaching Turner's Paddock.

Sue and Liz were the culprits for the fast pace. Des, you had better watch out - your position of pacemaker is being taken over. Helen seems pleased with the 'new' pacemakers.

Peter has returned to his esteemed position of 'Gatemaster Supremo'. Des has lost another position of responsibility?

Walking through the open parkland of Turner's Paddock.

Peter couldn't resist taking a picture of a fallen tree. How many of these pictures does he now have?

Stourhead Circular November 2010

This circular walk follows a route around the National Trust's Stourhead Estate. The great gardens of Stourhead were created in the 18th century by Henry Hoare, of the wealthy banking family. The walk takes in a variety of different landscapes.