Stourhead Park

This is an extensive area of open parkland leading to the Lodge, the Obelisk and Six Wells Bottom.

Peter really adding the personal touch to his duties as 'Gatemaster Supremo'.

The photograph shows clearly the attention to detail! Robert thought he would by-pass this 'Gatemaster'.

No incidents with the livestock.

A pretty intense look from one of the 'locals'.

The Obelisk was built in 1839 to replace the decaying original erected by Henry Hoare II in 1746. At its base is a memorial tablet dedicated to Henry, added by Richard Colt Hoare in 1815.

A view of the Fir Walk, a long grassy walk laid out on a ridge above the garden, which leads back to Stourton.

Heading back into the woods and Six Wells Bottom.

Stourhead Circular November 2010

This circular walk follows a route around the National Trust's Stourhead Estate. The great gardens of Stourhead were created in the 18th century by Henry Hoare, of the wealthy banking family. The walk takes in a variety of different landscapes.