Bear Swamp Road

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GRANT asked:
"I go to Ramapo College and always see cars on the side of 202 with bike racks on them parked on the side of 202 north just north of Bear Swamp Road. I've never had a chance to check around there much but I just wanted to know where you find the trail from that parking area. I assume it goes along the river over the bridge on Bear Swamp Road."

XTRPUREGUTS responded:
"Once you go over the bridge you have three options:
Road to left will take you into nice housing area. or Stay staight and take bike around metal gate blocking raod. This is the way you want to go. or Go to right road blocked by chain. (Don't know where that takes you.)

If you go up the middle route the road climbs for about two miles then forks. The left fork takes you to the scout camp. I stay to the right and climb for anothe 1/3 mile or so. You will come to a lake on the left. Cross narrow wooden bridge and trails begin. Nice riding up there."




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