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50 North formerly Hancock County Agency on Aging

Mobile Meals
This service delivers two nutritious meals, Monday through Friday, to those who are not able to prepare their own food, whether they live alone or not. Meals are prepared daily in our kitchen and are available for short or long term needs, with no time limit for receiving the service.
What is the cost?
$5.00 for one hot meal or $8.00 for one hot meal and cold meal. Scholarships are available to those who qualify.
How long does it take to get on the meal service?
24 hours, if after noon on Friday, meals can start the following Tuesday.
What time will my meals arrive?
Meals will arrive between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.
How do I pay for the meals? Do I pay the driver?
You will be billed once a month after services are received. No need to pay the delivery person.
Can the drivers leave my meals, if I have to go out?
If you make prior arrangements, we will leave meals in coolers that are accessible to us.
How can I sign up for the Mobile Meals program?
To apply, call the Nutrition Service Coordinator, Sheree Cass at 419-423-8496.

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