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DropBy's mission is to work to help reduce isolation amongst the over 60s. It is increasingly recognised that social isolation isolation is a key factor in limiting good health and well-being.

The dividing line between being alone and feeling lonely is a very narrow one. It helps to know there are other like-minded people available to chat with, who can be
reached online by a few clicks.

DropBy aims to use existing technologies to provide a safe, secure and enabling space
for older people to engage with each other.

The website is designed to encourage interaction with 'virtual' friends and interest groups and every member is valued and encouraged to contribute and have some virtual fun.

If anyone is feeling alone and wants to chat they can instant message another member or make audio or video contact through the website without the need to download software.

Members are encouraged to find new
'virtual' friends, share ideas and
interests, and ask for help on various topics so members can give support to one another.

Members send each other virtual 'waves' and online hugs.

DropBy believes in encouraging its members to keep active both mentally and physically and arranges 'virtual' and real events
whenever possible and hopes, in the longer term, to help older people remain involved in a more active and community based life.

DropBy or call 07789888391

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Waverley Community Assets

Every community has a tremendous supply of assets and resources that can be used to build the community and solve problems.

Map the social assets of a community - not only associations and organisations, but the resources, skills and talents of individuals if they are happy to be on the map.

Sign up to the map and you will be able to add on assets.

Locations don't have to be specific but show a rough area of a town. Contact details i.e. email or phone number are essential.

If you have any questions then email communities@waverley.gov.uk.