Arthritis Research Campaign

Health and Wellbeing

To raise funds for arthritis research in the Cranleigh area To provide information about arthritis and related conditions and to raise awareness of the debilitating effects of this disease.

£5 annual members hip

26 Durnsford Way, GU6 7LW


Telephone number: 01483 273204



Waverley Community Assets

Every community has a tremendous supply of assets and resources that can be used to build the community and solve problems.

Map the social assets of a community - not only associations and organisations, but the resources, skills and talents of individuals if they are happy to be on the map.

Sign up to the map and you will be able to add on assets.

Locations don't have to be specific but show a rough area of a town. Contact details i.e. email or phone number are essential.

If you have any questions then email