Luhrs Building

Abandoned Building

Pretty cool abandoned building. Its not quite abandoned anymore though, they're renovating it I think... You can get in 24/7 (I don't think anyone realizes this though haha) Either go in through the back alley by going along central half way through Jefferson&Madison. Or you can park in the parking garage on 1st Ave (pricey) and then go through some green doors that lead to a office looking building, and take the elevator to the basement. Then follow a long hallway (you'll know it, it has paintings all along it) to the end, and you're in the basement of the Luhr's Building :) Take stairs up to the main level, and the elevators work, but they take forever to get to you if they aren't already on that level. They're creepy though!




11 W Jefferson

From the front of the Parking Garage

Looking up from Central. (Yes, these are googled pics. I'll get some of my pics up when I find them)

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