History of South Central, LA

This map highlights some of the important areas and places in South Central history and was used when I taught about the history of South Central at the high school level.
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Manual Arts High School
4131 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90037, US
Manual Arts High School was founded in 1910 as the third high school in all of Los Angeles.

Black: 308
Latino: 2034
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Crenshaw High School
5010 11th Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90043, US
Crenshaw has a long and rich history. It was founded in 1968. It has recently had problems with accreditation.

Black: 661
Latino: 382

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Fremont High School
7676 S San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA 90003, US
Fremont has a rich history that included participation in the LA Walkouts.

Black: 214
Latino: 2850
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Dorsey High School
3537 Farmdale Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90016, US
Dorsey is a math/science, police, and law academy. It is actually located outside of South Central, but serves mostly students from South Central.

Black: 553
Latino: 453
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Washington Prep. High School
10800 S Denker Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047, US
Washington Prep was founded in 1927, making it almost 80 years old!

Black: 706
Latino: 646
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Locke High School
325 E 111th St
Los Angeles, CA 90061, US
Locke has school has seen many changes over the years. Green Dot Public Schools has taken over the school and converted into several charter schools.

Animo Locke II Charter High School
Black: 89
Latino: 186

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Jordan High School
2265 E 103rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90002, US
Jordan High School is located next to the Jordan Downs Projects. Originally, the projects were built to help workers with housing. Today, they have a much different reputation.

Black: 175
Latino: 762
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Watts Towers
1765 E 107th St
Los Angeles, CA 90002, US
Sabato Rodia, an Italian immigrant is credited with building the Watts Towers, although there are rumors that others may have helped or started it. Today, the collections of 17 towers is considered a National Historic Landmark.
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Universtiy of Southern California
USC was founded in 1880 as a Methodist school, and has remained in South Central, LA through many changes. Today, it is expanding into much of West Adams and the area around Exposition Park, including the Figueroa Corridor.
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The Watts Riots Started Here
At this location, Marquette Frye was pulled over by the police for drunk driving on August 11, 1965. The police's treatment of Marquette, and his family led to the start of the riots. Interestingly, the riots did not start in Watts.
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Community Meeting at Start of the Watts Riots
At the start of the Watts Riots, the police met with community leaders at Athens Park. This meeting did not go well, and combined with media hype about the meeting led to more rioting.
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Charcoal Alley
On the third day of the Watts Riots, 103rd St. was burned to the ground. The police and the National Guard responded with brutal force.
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Latasha Harlins
9172 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90003, US
At Empire Liquor market on 91st and Figueroa, Latasha Harlins was shot by Soon Ja Du after trying to pay for some orange juice. Du was fined $500 and put on probation in a clearly racist court decision.

Today, the liquor store is no longer there. It has been replaced by a Latino market.
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Gang Truce
Right before the LA Riots, the Bloods and the Crips in Watts came to a truce. They unified in their disgust of the LAPD.
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Florence and Normandie - Start of the LA Riots
After the white officers that beat Rodney King were found not guilty, rioting began on Florence and Normandie. The most infamous scene of the riots took place here when Damian Williams helped to drag Reginald Denny, a white truck driver out of his truck and threw a concrete rock at his head. Denny survived and Williams was later arrested.
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Arco - Puente Learning Center
On Century and Wester, and Arco AM/PM was burned to the ground. It remained an empty lot until the Puente Learning Center was built here.
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Mr. Woodley's Liquor to El Nido Family Center
Mr. Woodley's Liquor was burned to the ground at Manchester and Van Ness. It gave was to the El Nido Family Center.
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Neighborhood of Raymond Washington
This is the neighborhood of Raymond Washington, one of the founders of the Crips.
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Rio Theater - Tookie Williams
Back when this was the drive-in Rio Theater, Tookie Williams, Raymond Washington, and others gathered here and started the Crips.
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Gathering Spot for Original Crips
Before Jesse Owens Park was even called Jesse Owens, this use to be a place where local youth would go for Friday night dances. This is one of the first areas where the Crips would hang out. The dances eventually stopped due to violence.
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The Slausons
One of the original gangs in South Central was the Slausons. They defended South Central from white gangs in Huntington Park and South Gate, such as the Spook Hunters. Bunchy Carter, the leader of the LA Chapter of the Black Panthers, started out as a member of the Slausons.
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Home of Freeway Ricky Ross
Freeway Ricky Ross started the Crack Epidemic. With a supplier named Blandon, from Nicaragua, he was able to move a huge amount of cocaine into South Central at a very low price. This led to a huge increase in crime, homocides, and incarceration. His house was demolished to expand the Harbor Freeway, and was the origin of his namename "Freeway Ricky."
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The Hoovas
Freeway Ricky Ross lived on 74th and Hoover when he started dealing drugs. Although not violent himself, he used the Hoovas as a way to start the distribution of Crack Cocaine. The Hoovas proved not to be organized enough to keep up with distribution, but did act as protection for Ricky Ross.
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Major Crack House
Near the beginning of the Crack Epidemic, a crack house on 79th street would draw lines of up to 70 people.
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Los Angeles Southwest College
1600 W Imperial Hwy
Los Angeles, CA 90047, US
This college was built after the Watts Riots. Various groups and activists had been lobbying for a college for years, and after the Watts Riots, it was quickly approved and built.

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Jefferson High School
1319 E 41st St
Los Angeles, CA 90011, US
Black: 94
Latino: 1314
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1655 E 27th St
Los Angeles, California, US
Green Dot School in Jefferson Neighborhood opened in 2007
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1921 Maple Ave
Los Angeles, California, US
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Black Panthers Headquarters
Bunchy Carter had converted most of the Slausons to Black Panthers. After his death at UCLA during a COINTELPRO fueled beef with the US Organization, the LAPD raided the offices. After a 4 hour showdown led by Geronimo Pratt, the Panthers office was destroyed and shut down. Within 2 years, the Crips would be formed, in part due to a lack of leadership in the community.
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Woodrow Wilson High School
Long Beach, CA, US