Pain and the Classifications

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Pain and the Classifications
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This refers to a feeling which mostly affects the body and it is caused by a stimulus which is damage. Examples of these stimuli that might cause pain are: an injured finger, a toe that has been stubbed among others. There exist an international that was formed in order to help in the understanding of pain, from their study, the International Association for the Study of Pain have been able to come up with a definitions of what pain is, they explain that this feeling that is unpleasant might be emotional or sensory when experienced and they have been able to associate some tissue with pain whereby when these tissues are damaged they cause pain. When a person has a feeling of pain, they may leave doing some things and then go somewhere sit down and concentrate on how to release their body from pain.
No one wants situations which lead to pain and due to this people try as much as possible to avoid these situations. Once a painful stimulus is removed from the body it prompts to resolving pain where by the body becomes healed.
In other circumstances it might be very difficult to release the pain immediately hence making the individual to remain in this situation until all goes well. Pain in other times might arise without the presence of stimulus in the body or without any disease or damage. Most people visit physicians so that they can be help in reducing or eliminating pain their bodied. Pain happens to be the main symptoms in most of the medical conditions and this is because pain interferes with the way of living, it also with the way the body functions.
One of the worst pains is caused by temporomandibular joint which is only released after a tmj treatment using The TMJ Pill. Due to this, it becomes very uncomfortable if the is affected by pain in the body and it is not possible to treat it. Pain's intensity can be greatly modulated by the physiological factors which can include excitement, social support and other distraction. Classification of pain The International Association for the Study of Pain has been able to classify pin into various categories, whereby pain has been categorized according to specific characteristics.
These classifications include: pain according to the part of the body that is involved, pain according to the system whose functionalities may be the main cause of the pain, pain according to the pattern and the duration of time that it has taken to occur, pain according to the time and the extent it goes and lastly pain according to where it originated from (etiology). Some people have criticized this since they don't believe that these were the best ways in which pain could have been classified.
Clifford Woolf was one the individuals who criticized the classification and from him he said that pain can only be classified in three classes which are pathological pain, nociceptive pain and the inflammatory pain that comes from tissues which are damaged and also from cells that are infiltrated. The pathological pain happens to be a disease that is caused after the nervous system is damaged or when it functions abnormally which leads to subjecting the body of an individual to a lot of pain.