UTSOA-CRP Alumni Map

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206 Hurd Rd
Aurora, OH 44202, US
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Greta Goldberg
NY 10027, US
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Seth Otto
6733 NE Hancock St
Portland, OR 97213, US
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Gwen Shapard
Austin, TX, US
I work for the Community Tax Centers.
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Josh Mitchell
1531 Vermont Ave
Apt B
Washington, DC 20005, US
Military Base Redevelopment
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Ellen Wilmer
414 Delaronde St
New Orleans, LA 70114, US
Ellen Wilmer
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Jason Hercules
1640 19th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009, US
Promote Transit-Oriented Development
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Cheryl Cioffari
Islamorada, FL 33036, US
Planner for Islamorada, Village of Islands. No, seriously.
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Eli Pearson
Austin, TX, US
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Ralf Brand
Manchester, ENGLAND, GB
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Sarah Graham's Crib
2840 Willing Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76110, US
Here lies the land of Sarah, home of arty parties and jumpy-thing parties. No kidding. Currently working for the Feds. No kidding again. I am a part of this administration, technically speaking.
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J Wood
233 Chattanooga St
San Francisco, CA 94114, US
Promoting TOD and Being Location Efficient
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Carolyn Campbell
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Justin Fried
San Jose, CA, US
Regional Planner
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Kate Bushman
Save the whales.
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Grant Fisher
Technology Project Manager
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Ashley Lyons Fisher
4124 Lawless St
Austin, TX 78723, US
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Chris Maxwell-Gaines
1203 Romeria Dr
Austin, TX 78757, US
Innovative Water Solutions, LLC
Personal Blog
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Mark Tirpak
E. 34th St
Austin, TX 78705, US
Currently here!
Doing work that maybe is not for you (seriously)!

Would love to stay
in touch!
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Adam Wood
8616 NW Plaza Dr
Dallas, TX 75225, US
Planner at Halff Associates (starting May 23rd)
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Pragati Srivastava
Memphis, TN, US
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Gabe Rojas
3809 S 2nd St
Austin, TX 78704, US
working for Espey Consultants, Inc., environmental and engineering services firm. start on May 9th, 2007. One day of rest after my last final!
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Jamie Lipsey
419 M St NE
Washington, DC 20002, US
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Jasmin (Smith) Moore
1901 S Alamo St
San Antonio, TX 78204, US
Planner (Development Services for the City of San Antonio from 2007-2008
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Jasmin (Smith) Moore
501 W Markham St
Little Rock, AR 72201, US
Planner at Metroplan, the Central Arkansas MPO & COG