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Park(ing) Day Sites

September 21, 2006
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REBAR Park 1 • 9:30 am
The first PARK stop on REBAR's
"Temporal Distributed Network of
Public Open Space" Deployed entirely by bicycle
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REBAR Park 3 • 1:15pm
(Third of Five)
Temporal Distributed Network arrives at the scene of the first PARK(ing) installation in November 2005
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REBAR Park 4 • 2:45pm
(Fourth of Five)
The Temporal Distributed Network PARKs just up the street from BAR Architects.
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REBAR Park 5 • 4:30pm
(Fifth of Five)
Last stop for the Temporal Distributed Network, in front of the Viansa Wine Bar, for a glass of chardonnay. Sponsored by The Trust for Public Land.
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PARK(ing) - Neighborhood Parks Council
Neighborhood Parks Council
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PARK(ing) - Mayor Newsom's Spot
In the mayor's parking spot at city hall, wheelbarrows representing the 11 political districts of San Francisco are planted with dahlias, the official city flower. Visitors add soil to their district's wheelbarrow and write comments to the supervisors about parks. Dahlias and comments were presented to the supervisors at the end of the installation. Created by Jane Martin/PLANT SF
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PARK(ing) - SFBC / SOMA Beach Party
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PARK(ing) - WRT
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PARK(ing) - David Baker + Partner Architects
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PARK(ing) - studio b
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PARK(ing) - CCA(c)
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PARK(ing) - Ritual Roasters
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PARK(ING) - Recreation and Parks Department "Fall Explosion"
1632 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102, US
near Zuni Restaurant
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Fandango Village Park
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PARK(ing) - INTERSTICE Architects
3443 26th St
San Francisco, CA 94110, US
Precita Creek Wetlands Park - Come sit among the marsh grasses, by the water in the shade of California Pepper Trees.
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Tea & Cookies at 7032 Castro
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Hanging Garden PARK(ing)
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BAR Architect's Park(ing)...
BAR Architects built a wonderfully designed PARK. It had a pathway made of granite samples, plants with labels, lawn, gorilla hair, refreshments, a table to sit at and they let us use their bathroom.
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DIY Local Lemonade
The stand will be a small social space replete with lemons, lemon trees, lemon tree stories, lemon juicers, and all the other necessary accoutrements to celebrate local food systems, productive urban landscapes, social food-making and consuming, non-economic exchanges of all kinds, and a refreshing downtown drink.
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7032 Castro St
San Francisco, CA 94114, US
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landscape featuring native plants, reclaimed materials, a greenrrroof doghouse, a live sculptor, cookies & lemonade! in front of MOMA or thereabouts.