1935 Trip Out West

Locations on a 1935 automobile trip by Will and Rose Drueke from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Los Angeles, California. Details on the return trip are not available.
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6/02b 120 Grand Avenue
120 Grand Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503, US
After going to Sunday Mass at 6:00 am, Will and Rose left home by car for a six-week business trip to California and back.
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6/02c Kankakee
Kankakee, IL, US
Will and Rose had lunch here after leaving Grand Rapids at 8:00 am, a 200-mile drive in four hours--50 mph.
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6/02d Decatur
Decatur, IL, US
Will and Rose went through here mid-afternoon.
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6/02e Raymond
Will and Rose had a fine 50-cent chicken dinner here.
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6/02f Statler Hotel
Rose says that in St. Louis they stayed in just the kind of hotel they were looking for, but she does not name it. Their itinerary said they were going to staty in the Statler Hotel.
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6/03a St. Louis Cathedral
4431 Lindell Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63108, US
Rose took the bus to visit here while Will was working. Will had left the hotel at 8:30 am with two heavy sample cases.
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6/03b Farmingtom
Farmington, MO 63640, US
Will and Rose had an Italian dinner at 5:00 pm and left St. Louis. The first town that had a hotel was Farmington, where they stopped for the night.
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6/04a Memphis
109 N Main St
Memphis, TN 38103, US
Will and Rose left Farmington at 5:00 am Tuesday and arrived here at 11:00 am. They parked the car on the side of a hotel a block from the river, probably the Claridge Hotel where they had mail sent to. Will worked until 5:30 pm.
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6/04b Forrest City
Forrest City, AR 72335, US
Will and Rose stayed in a hotel here after leaving Memphis at 5:30 pm. They were up at 6:00 am the next day and on their way to Little Rock.
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6/05a Little Rock
523 S Louisiana St
Little Rock, AR 72201, US
Arrived here at 9:00 am from Forrest City. Saw many blossoming Magnolia trees en route. Will found no business here. They left for Tulsa but stopped in Muskogee.
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6/05b Muskogee
Will and Rose stopped here on their way from Little Rock to Tulsa, stayed to go to a movie, and stayed the night.
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6/06a Tulsa
Will and Rose left Muskogee at 6:30 am and arrived here at 8:15. They had the car greased here. They left at noon for Oklahoma City with a bag of Hamburgers and a thermos of water.
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6/06b Oklahoma City
Will and Rose arrived here at 3:30 pm from Tulsa. They saw miles of oil wells on their way. Will parked in front of a department store in OK City, grabbed his samples, and did not come out until 5:30. He was all smiles after opening some new accounts. They left for Ardmore but stopped instead at English Village.
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6/06c English Village
Will and Rose stayed here in one of 14 cottages in a place called English Village. "It was like a little park, in the center there was a lovely garden and a lawn with easy chairs on it."
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6/07a Fort Worth
Will and Rose travelled from Ardmore to Fort Worth. They reached the Texas border at 7:30 am an drove on a tarvia road. Rose saw fields of "range colored galardia, a purple flower resembling a thistle, and a different kind of yellow daisy." They spent the morning there, and Will was much satisfied with his business there.
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6/07b Dallas Hilton
1914 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75201, US
After lunch, Will and Rose went to Dallas and registered at the Hilton Hotel for the weekend. Will went out on business. In a letter to Tanta, Rose said it had been a strenuous week and she was happy to be able to write her letters in a nice room instead of the car.
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6/08 Dallas Hilton
1914 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75201, US
Will had some good business Saturday morning. The afternoon was spemt in the room with a fan to keep cool. They went for a walk at 5:00 pm but took refuge in aa air-cooled movie: "In Caliente" with Delores Del Rio, Pat O'Brien, and Edward Everett Horton. It was very funny.
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6/09a Houston
Houston, TX, US
Will and Rose went to Sunday mass in Dallas and drove 250 miles to Houston, arriving at 3:00 pm. At 5:00, they decided to go on to Galveston.
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6/09b Galveston
Galveston, TX 77554, US
Will and Rose took a cottage at Miramar Court. Rose saw her first palm tree. Will was up at 5:30 am to go swimming, but the waves and rocks were too much.
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6/10a Houston
Will and Rose drove back to Houston, where Will spent the day on business.
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6/10b Schulenburg
607 Lyons Ave
Schulenburg, TX 78956, US
Will and Rose left Houston at 5:15 pm after having a soft shell crab dinner. They stayed at the Von Minden hotel in a small German town called Schulenburg.
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6/11a The Alamo
Will and Rose arrived in SanAntonio at 9:30 am after driving 100 miles from Schulenburg. On the way they stopped to gather verberria. Later they saw some three cow punchers. They enjoyed the river and went to the Alamo. They went two miles out to visit a Mission. After a Mexican dinner, they left for Kerrville.
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6/11b Kerrville
Will and Rose stayed at the Bass Court in Kerrville. The next day they headed for El Paso.
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6/12 Pecos
Pecos, TX 79772, US
Will and Rose were heading for El Paso from Kerrville, but were delayed because of flooding. They stayed in Pecos at Boulder Court. The town was flooded from the first rain they had had in 17 months. On the way, they saw goats, cactus in bloom, cowboys, and oil wells.
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6/13a Gomez Peak
TX 79734, US
Seen by Will and Rose as they drove from Pecos to El Paso.
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6/13b Sierra Blanca
Highest point on the trip from Pecos to El Paso.
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6/13c El Paso
300 N Mesa St
El Paso, TX 79901, US
Will and Rose arrived in El Paso at 10:30 am from Pecos. They picked up their mail at the Hussman Hotel (now Cortez Building) but stayed at the Grande Court. They crossed the border into Juarez and went to Mission after Will finished his work in El Paso.
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6/14a Lordsburg
Lordsburg, NM 88045, US
Will and Rose stopped here to rest for 45 minutes.
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6/14b Hotel Luhrs
Will and Rose stayed here after driving late into the night from Tucson where they had lunch and dinner. It was air-cooled. Will worked the next day, Saturday, all day. They stayed another night but left a wake-up call for 2:30 am. They had breakfast and started for San Diego.
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6/14c Tucson
Tucson, AZ, US
Will and Rose had lunch here and Will went to work while Rose took refuge in the lobby of an air-cooled hotel. After an Italian dinner in a garden under a palm tree, they resumed driving.
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6/16a Arizona-California Border
At the border, Will was aked to open all his grips before entering California. Rose says "he just balked like a mule." After about six cars passing them, he resigned himself to the situation.
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6/16b El Centro
795 S La Brucherie Rd
El Centro, CA 92243, US
Will and Rose went to 9:00 am Mass and had lunch here on there way from Phoenix to San Diego.
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6/16c 5305 El Cajon Avenue
5305 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115, US
Where Ida O'Keefe lived with her mother Mollie. Will and Rose got here about 2 pm and stayed with Ida two nights. Ida was a close friend of Rose who moved to San Diego 25 years ago from Grand Rapids. Ida's husband James had died in the 1920s.
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6/17 San Diego
San Diego, CA, US
Ida and Will and Rose visited the 1935 San Diego Exposition in Balboa Park. They had lunch at the Better Foods building and saw a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theater.
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6/19a Old Mission Church
Will and Rose stopped at an "Old Mission Church" in Santa Ana on their way up to Los Angeles from San Diego, probably the Mission San Juan Capistrano.
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6/19b Mayfair Hotel
1256 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021, US
Will and Rose stayed at the Mayfair Hotel in downtown Los Angeles
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6/20 Aunt Amelia
2958 Hope St
Huntington Park, CA 90255, US
Will and Rose stayed with Amelia Jaeger, sister of Uncle Charlie. (Tanta and Uncle Charlie raised Rose after her mother died.)
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6/21a Marion Davies' House
415 Pacific Coast Hwy
Santa Monica, CA 90402, US
Bert Morris and wife took Will and Rose by here.
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6/21b Mary Pickford's House
Bert Morris and wife took Will and Rose by here.
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6/21c Will Rogers Ranch
1501 Will Rogers State Park Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90272, US
Bert Morris and wife took Will and Rose by here.
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6/21d Harold Lloyd's House
1740 Green Acres Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US
Bert Morris and wife took Will and Rose by here.
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6/22a Santa Monica beach
Harry and Vera took Will and Rose to the beach.
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6/22b Fox Film
Will talked a guard into letting them in the gate of Fox Film, where they say Will Roger's make-up bungalow.
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6/23 St. Matthias Church
7125 Mission Pl
Huntington Park, CA 90255, US
Where Will and Rose went to Mass with Aunt Amelia.
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6/23b St. Mary's Church
407 S Chicago St
Los Angeles, CA 90033, US
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6/23c Forest Lawn
1712 S Glendale Ave
Glendale, CA 91205, US
Will and Rose visited the Little Church of the Flowers here Aunt Amelia and her son Will and wife Eva. Will and Eva were married here. They also saw the replica of The Last Supper and the replica of Annie Laurie's church in Scotland.
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6/23d Tajunga
Los Angeles, CA, US
Will and Eva Jaeger brought Will and Rose here where they had a house because of their daughter Virginia's sinus problem.