Emma Map

Locations in the 1815 novel by Jane Austen (1775-1817)

"Maps of the Classics" by Peter Biggins
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Where Jane Austen lived.
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Brunswick Square
Brunswick Square
London, England WC1N 1AN, GB
Where Isabella live with her husband John Knightly and five children.
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South End
Southend-on-Sea, England, GB
Where Isabella and family went for vacation
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Cromer, England, GB
Where apothecary Perry (or Mr. Woodhouse) thought Isabella should go on vacation instead of South End.
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Weymouth, England, GB
Where Jane Fairfax had seen Frank Churchill.
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Bath, England, GB
Where Mr. Elton met Augusta Hawkins, who was from Bristol.
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Leatherhead, England, GB
Leatherhead, psssibly the location of Highbury in Surrey, 16 miles from London.
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Thorncroft Manor, possibly what Jane Austen had in mind when she wrote about the Woodhouse home, Hartfield.
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Abbey-Mill Farm?
Mickleham Priory, possibly the model for Abbey-Mill Farm.
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Broadwood Pianos
33 Great Pulteney St
London, England W1F 9NP, GB
Where Broadwood Pianos were manufactured
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Richmond, England, GB
Where the Churchills moved to from Enscombe.
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Bristol, England, GB
Near Maple grove.
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Box Hill
England KT20, GB
Where the Emma, Mr. Weston, the Eltons, Jane Fairfax, Frank Churchill, and others went on an excursion.
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Windsor, England SL4, GB
Where Frank Churchill was when he wrote a long letter to his step mother.
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Astley's Amphitheatre
Where the Knightley's took Robert Martin and Harriet Smith