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Golf Basics: Learning the Fundamental Golf Shots

Golf is a popular sport which people play. Annually, the International Golf Federation gathers the best golfers around the globe in an Olympic game. In this type of events, the world watches the next golfer who would be named as the world's best player.

All professional golf player starts as a beginner in this sport. They tried to learn the game and devoted themselves to improve their skill before becoming the global icon of the golf game.

It is a requirement for beginners to learn the mechanisms of golfing. Whether you are a newbie, an amateur or a professional player, it is vital to understand and learn the fundamental mechanics of the game. It is necessary to learn the basics of golf to identify which club will match a particular swing, or which type of shot is accurate for certain situations.

Now, as a guide to help you in this career, here are the main shots you have to learn in golfing.

Tee Shot

The first shot in a golf game. This stroke is played on a teeing ground of a golf hole. It does not necessarily mean that a golf ball has to be placed on a tee to call this kind of shot. With or without a tee, it is known as a tee shot since it is the first shot played on the teeing ground. Tee shots along long holes are from shallow flights, and a long roll of ball whereas short holes tee shot had higher flights and anticipated to stop immediately. So, before you take the first shot, you have to relax to have a beautiful swing and a good shot.

Fairway Shot

This type of shot may be quite difficult. If you have released the first shot, no tee is required for the game. Thus, when you placed the ball on the fairway, it could be difficult to bring it back to the match. You can use irons or wedges to get out of this situation.

Bunker Shot

If your ball lands on a sand trap or bunker, you have to execute a bunker shot. This shot resembles a pitch and particularly uses a wedge. A wedge type of club can hit the ball high and let it travel on the green.

Approach Shot

This kind of shot refers to when your ball from the outside of the green goes back into the green. There are several types of approach shots - these are Pitch, Flop, and Chip. Each of the approach shots is used in a specific situation. Thus, it is easier to analyze first the position of your ball to avoid failure shots.

Every type of shots has a varying degree of difficulty. One way to improve your shots is to practice your swings by following the simple swing tips.
Pro golfers recommend the use of golf swing analyzer to perfect your swings. This device displays information on your swinging parameters. Thus, it can help you to boost your skill in swinging golf clubs.

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