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The Must Haves of a Taiwan Tour Package

Taiwan is a province of China that is located in East Asia. It is one of the most economically prosperous regions in South East Asia. It is also among the most industrialized countries in the part of the world. It is officially known as the People's Republic of China and it is considered as the global leader when it comes to advanced technology. It has advancements in education, healthcare, cultural abundance, and human development. Every year, millions of tourists visit Taiwan, particularly Taipei, to experience its richness in all the said aspects. To know more about the must visit spots in Taiwan, you simply read on.

Visit Taipei 101 since it is Taiwan's Tallest Tower

If in Dubai they have the BurjKhalifa as their tallest tower, in Taipei, they have Taipei 101. The latter tower boasts of an award called the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum certification. It is often regarded as a symbol of confluence between the Asian Tradition and technological evolution. There is no tour in Taiwan which can be considered complete if you cannot visit Taipei 101. Most tour packages that are established by tourist firms ensure that you take a visit of the country's architectural marvel. It can be considered as the Eiffel tower of Asia.

Use the Speed Rails to Get to All Taiwan Places

Traveling from one part of Taiwan to another is not a problem. In fact, it is very easy and very fast not to mention very convenient. You need not worry about their city's road problems and congested traffic, their speed rails can get you at any part of the country having the speed of about 300 km/hour. Their system is very efficient and they are very punctual. This type of transport must be experienced and enjoyed by tourists since major problems facing the tourists visiting other destinations is the monstrous traffic jams and the lack of proper transport infrastructure. But in Taiwan, Speed metro rails push its tourism industry to high levels so you better try them and find it out yourself on how easy it is to come from one place to another.

Watch and Enjoy Watching the Bunun Dance

You should also visit the places in Taiwan where they perform the Bunun dance. Each country has a few traditional dances and their culture can be seen by watching them. Taiwan has the Bunun dance. This type of dance is a symbol of cultural independence. Most of Taiwan tour packages showcase the opportunity together with its different tour spots.

Experience the Rich Cuisine that Taiwan has to Offer

There are varieties of Taiwanese cuisines that are parts of their culinary tourism and they are very famous for their different variations. Taipei Eats does night market tours in Taipei, Taiwan and here you can try eating their famous Pork geng, Nantou, and Fenchihu, to name a few.

Tour packages to Taiwan are incomplete without all of the above-mentioned things so you better make sure that your travel's agency present you a tour package with all of these included.