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The Wired and the Plastic Dog Crates

If you love your dog, then you would certainly want the best for them. You would take them along on every trip you are to make. But if you need something to house them while you are on the road, there are crates that you can buy where your dog can conveniently stay. There are reasons why crate train is needed for dogs and that is to make them feel comfortable and not constricted when they are inside.

There are actually two basic types of dog crates for crate training: the hard plastic crates and the wire crates. Both of them are good enough to house your dog whatever size he or she may be. When it comes to their costs, they are actually similar so the pricing may not be an issue for you if this would be the case. Both crate types are collapsible, meaning they can be broken down or taken apart and put together easily as the need arises. In you decision to buy a crate, that aspects will not be too influential. Although wire crates are more portable than the hard plastic ones, the former is better if you are taking your dog some nearby place.

If you will fly your dog with you on an airplane, you will need a hard plastic type. The crates must be airline approved. These airlines are very choosy when it comes to dog crates that they can allow on their planes. Following their rules ensure the safety of the dog. They do not accept wire crates because they can bend during rough flights that could eventually crush the dog. Most of the hard plastic crates are airline approved but if you are just about to purchase one for airplane traveling purpose, you should look for this label or tag to be sure that it can be used for airplanes. Hard plastic crates offer sufficient ventilation holes so air can still circulate and they also have a wire grill as doors so your dog can have a view outside and have more air. Under regular circumstances, a dog is actually safe in plastic crates and they have no chance of escaping.

Most plastic crates come in two pieces; they are the top and the bottom. When they are put together with knobs and screws around the sides, they can already be secured. They can easily be assembled in a few minutes. Hard plastic crates are safe for all types of travel for all types of vehicle. In cases of accidents, the hard plastic crates can shield the dog from injuries and protect the dog from being tossed around the vehicle or thrown out of the road.

Wire crates, on the other hand, are a good choice for your dog if your dogs are undergoing training classes. There are dog events like obedience or agility trials where the dog might have to stand around at the certain site for a few hours, or if you prefer your dog to be able to see more outside the crate. Wire crates are open as compared to hard plastic crates and the dog can feel like he is part of what is going on with these types.

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