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Shower speaker reviews

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Tips on How to Choose the Right Shower Speakers

When you are in a good mood, not even a day you missed out humming or singing while in the shower. And the fact that most bathrooms are closed rooms and made up of tiles, all sound waves retract every corner of the room making your voice more loud and powerful. And so, like everyone else, when they feel like they sound professional singers inside the bathroom, they would stretch up their heights and pretend like they are in a middle of a huge crowd doing a concert.

However, would it be very interesting if you add a little spice to your singing quest inside the bathroom? Like, add shower speakers. Your phone is not enough when singing inside the bathroom; so, try shower speakers where you can keep it anywhere inside the bathroom without worrying of any electrical mishaps. Below are some tips on how to choose the right shower speakers:

Check the sound quality.

Choosing a shower speaker, it is important to check the sound quality. When it comes to quality of the shower speaker's sound it is not only limited to how loud it can be and or if there are the unusual sound that you hear whenever you play music; but, you need to check the sound of bass and the mid and the low frequencies.

The IPX ratings.

While rates the best shower speakers, you also need to check how long your shower speakers can last. In other words, you need to check its "waterproofness".

The battery life.

When it comes to gadgets such as mobile phones, people often asks its battery life and the charging life, same goes with shower speakers. You do not want to experience that cliff hanging feeling when you are playing your favorite music, right?

Make sure it is covered with warranty.

Warranty is your life saving legal process as a consumer. So, even if the speaker only cost you few dollars, you need to make sure that it is covered with warranty. Because, if things go wrong, with warranty, you can either replace it or return it.

Check the price.

Price is the least factor to consider if you are really into buying these things to enjoy a shower. However, if you have a really tight budget, you need not only consider the cheapest but also how long it can last. In other words, price and longevity of the product must go hand in hand. No matter how cheap it is, but considering that you will have it for a short period of time, you just bought a junk. Conversely, if you bought something expensive but does not fit to your liking especially its sound quality, again you will live to regret buying a junk.

Music is fun, no matter where you are, even if you are in your bathroom taking a shower, you simply must enjoy it. With the above given tips, you can listen to music and sing along with it. After all, you are the star on your own simple way.