The Blue Flower Map

Locations in the 1995 novel The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald (1916-2000)

"Maps of the Classics" by Peter Biggins
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Where Fritz was born in 1772, and his father in 1738
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Saale River
Where the Bernard was rescued by Fritz
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Neudietendorf, Thuringia, DE
Where Fritz went to the Moravian school for a few months at age nine
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Schlöben Mansion
Schlöben, Thuringia 07646, DE
Where Fritz and his family sometimes made an expedition. There was a mill-stream and mossy oaks
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Erkerode, NDS 38173, DE
Where Frits went to live with his uncle Wilhelm ("the Blue Cross") for a few months
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10 Augustusplatz
Leipzig, SN 04109, DE
Where Fritz continued his schooling in 1791
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Harz Mountains
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Wittenberg University
10 Universitätsplatz
Halle (Saale), SA 06108, DE
Where Fritz went after Jena and Leipzig.
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Bad Tennstedt, Thuringia 99955, DE
Where Fritz went to live with the Just family.
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Schloss Grüningen
Where Fritz met Sophie on November 17, 1794.
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Where Fritz attended the Mining Academy in 1795-1796
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Artern, Thuringia 06556, DE
Where the salt mnes were.
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Weissenfels - Kloster Gasse
24 Klosterstraße
Weißenfels, SA 06667, DE
Where Fritz lived with his family from age 13 to his death at age 28.
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Where Fritz applied to Prince Friedrich August III to serve as a salt mine inspector
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Berlin, Berlin, DE
Where Hofrat Ebhard sent Sophie for a few days to a rest=-home in which he had a part interest
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University of Jena
Where Fritz matriculated in 1790