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Chinese Dissertation Element Characteristics from

Fire brings action, energy and passion to the places where it can be found. Chinese element Fire is called as Huo in China and this element symbolizes strength in life. People who born under the influence of Fire element are said to possess good leadership. They are governed by enthusiasm, motivation, confidence as well as anger and war. Fire element people have attractive and charismatic personality, this makes other people cannot help but be magnetically drawn towards them. Fire people are natural leaders and will inspire many people with their impressive expressions and significant actions.

Fire element people are intelligent, emotional, impulsive, dynamic, inspirational and passionate. They have the ability to get things done with their inspirational speeches. They are always full of new ideas. These people are able to reach at the heart of every problems and can find solution easily. Many people have difficulty on persuading these ambitious people to back off from any task they feel to be important.

Fire people are driven by their instinct and many of them hate being isolated. They are live and fiery in love. However, Fire people can also be selfish, impatient, impulsive and even violent when their wishes are not fulfilled. If they cannot control their “fire” it can be harmful to themselves. They should learn to control their emotion and temper and divert their energy into the positive direction.

The orange and red colors and triangular shape is associated with the Fire element. Stoves, candles and fireplaces are all represented as Fire element. These individuals should avoid hypersensitivity and places where there is much heat.
The Water element in Chinese is called ‘Shui’ and it is one of the most important element to Feng Shui. The name Feng Shui itself has a meaning of wind (Feng) and water (Shui). This element is essential for living and in Chinese astrology, it is considered as cleansing agent. Water symbolizes emotions and it can be quiet or violent.

Those who born in the years influenced by the Water element are calm, philosophical, creative and intellectual. They like to take up multiple professions. Instinctive and diplomatic, they like to keep secrets to themselves only. They possess spiritual powers and strong intuitions. These individuals are highly emotional and fluent. Water element people are normally good communicators and these people have the ability to influence others.

They have certain magnetic touch in their communication which enables the Water people to easily get someone’s affection and confidence. They are really good with subtle persuasion. Water people can effortlessly make others follow them almost anywhere without being irritating or aggressive. They have special ability to make people feel special and can utilize people effectively to obtain what they want.

People belong to this element are flexible and calm. Those qualities can make them attractive and also vulnerable to pessimism. The blue and black colors represent the Water element. This Water element is also represented by any uneven or wavy shape. Fountains, tinkling bells, aquariums, all of them symbolize the element of Water. Be careful as not to have too much Water element as it can make you become sly, cunning and often plot dark schemes.
The Earth element in Chinese is called “Tu”. Earth will bring out the practical side of each sign. Stability, patience, honesty and hardwork are represented by the Earth element. The people who are born in the years conquered by the Earth element are practical, calm, sensible and filled with logic. They are responsible, too ethical and firmly rooted in the morals. Although quite idealistic in their approaches but Earth people are very determined in whatever they do.

The people representing the Earth element tend to be loyal to their masters. These people are somehow believed to have dual character. They seek affectionate treatment in return for their love or they wish for more importance from others. Earth element people are firm, consistent but stubborn. They are also more ‘down to earth’ than any other element.

Reliable and responsible, they are excellent with administration, coordination and effective implementation. These individuals are governed by logic and not emotion. Dutiful, cautious and methodical, they can work out logical solutions to almost all kinds of problems. Slow but sure is the motto for the Earth people. They get high respect and administration for their graceful behaviour and disciplined approach.

Earth people love to plan their life much in advance. However, Earth people are also known for their lack of creativity and imagination. They can also be demanding at times. This element is perfect for issues related to legacies and property. The color representing the Earth element is yellow. Bricks, tiles, natural stones and rectangular or flat shapes also representing this element.