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Types of Cutting Boards

Have you recently discovered that you really enjoy cooking, as it relaxes you and the final results are actually very tasty? Are you excited about this new hobby and you plan on taking it to the next level by investing in top quality, professional tools? Well, in this case, we would recommend you to begin with the cutting board. If you have the right one, then this will protect your counters, as well as your favorite knives and it will be easier to prepare ingredients for the recipes that you are trying.

Since you are still a beginner, you probably don’t know much about types of cutting boards available on the market. Luckily, we can help you learn more about the options you have and based on this info, you will be able to make the right choice. So, here’s the list.

1. Wood. We really love a wood cutting board. They have a weight which makes them sturdy enough to stay put, which is extremely important when you chop something and they won’t dull the edges of your knives. Now, when it comes to wood cutting boards, there are several types available but end-grain cutting boards represent the best possible choice if you also care about looks. If you decide to buy a wooden cutting board, then please look at the experts at Virginia Boys Kitchens. They have amazing tools for kitchen, all made of wood and their cutting boards are simply amazing.

2. Plastic. If you are going for lightweight, then plastic cutting boards represent the right choice for you. They are also dishwasher safe, especially compared to wood and they come in many colors. The big problem about them is that they are not as sturdy as wood boards, so they might not stay put. However, restaurants prefer them because they use a color code to avoid cross-contamination.

3. Bamboo. Even though you might think that this should go into the wood cutting boards’ category, bamboo is technically a grass. What is great about it is the fact that it has a very low environmental impact, it is moisture-resistant and it is crack-proof! How awesome is that?

4. Epicurean. These are the cutting boards that bring together the best of both worlds: they have wood finish and they are, at the same time, dishwasher safe. You should consider trying them as well.

If we managed to convince you to look at wood cutting boards, then the company mentioned above, Virginia Boys Kitchens, deserves your attention. They are excellent in designing and producing original and very creative wood cutting boards and they will also provide you guidance for choosing the ones that best suit your needs. Gather some helpful information on what it is that they do and find out more about how they can help you; I know for sure that you will be impressed. Those who already invested money in products designed and created by Virginia Boys Kitchen are pleased with the investment, which makes me believe that it will be your case as well.