Anna Karenina Map

Locations in the 1877 novel by Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

"Maps of the Classics" by Peter Biggins
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Yasnaya Polyana
gorod Tula, Тульская область, RU
Birthplace of Leo Tolstoy. Source: Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy.
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Moscow Zoo
Bol. Gruzinskaya ulitsa
gorod Moskva, город Москва 123242, RU
Where Levin met Kitty and went skating.
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Flensburg Fjord
Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, DE
Where the oysters came from that Levin ate at the restaurant with Oblansky
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Krasnoe Selo
Where Vronsky raced Frou-Frou in the steeplechase. Krasnoye Selo was a favorite summer resort of Saint Petersburg.
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Where the permanent summer villa of the Karenins was near the Finnish Sea. Now called Petrodvorets.
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Karlsbad, Baden-Württemberg, DE
Town visted by Kitty's father when Kitty went with her family to Soden to recover from her "illness."
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Toshkent, Toshkent, UZ
Where Vronsky was to be assigned before he resigned from the Army.
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One of the places that Anna and Vronsky went to after they left Petersburg.
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Roma, Latium, IT
One of the places that Anna and Vronsky went to after they left Petersburg.
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Napoli, Campania, IT
One of the places that Anna and Vronsky went to after they left Petersburg.
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Bad Soden am Taunus, Hessen, DE
Spa where Kitty went with her family to recover from her "illness." It is known for its various springs, which contain carbonic acid gas and various iron oxides. The waters are used both internally and externally, and are actually quite widely exported.
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деревня Лешково, Московская область, RU
Where the Vronsky estate was.
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город Кашин, Тверская область, RU
Where Levin went for the provincial elections won by the younger noblemen with Vronsky's help.
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143 Zheleznodorozhnyy, Russia null, RU
Obiralovska, now called Zheleznodorozhny, where Anna went on the train from Moscow on the last day of her life. Nearby was Vronsky's mother's estate.
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Kurski Station
Where Vronsky left with his suadron of men for the war in Turkey and Sregey Ivanovich left to see his brother Levin in the country.
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Tsaritsyno Station
город Москва, город Москва 115569, RU
A stop on the train from Kurski Station
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Petersburg Station
Moscow station for the train to Petersburg, where Vronsky first sees Anna, who happened to be traveling in the same compartment with his mother. A guard is killed accidentally by the train, which Anna views as an evil omen.
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Astapovo railway station
Where Leo Tolstoy died at age 82 in 1910
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Nevsky Prospekt
The main street in Petersburg here Aleksey Aleksandrovich drove on his way back from Moscow to see his dying wife Anna after baby Anna was born.
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, RU
Where Vronsky lived in Petersburg.