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Glenwood Springs Fly Fishing Access - Colorado River and Roaring Fork River

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Devereux Road Fisherman Parking
This is fisherman's parking. Easy access to fish both upstream and downstream from this parking spot. This shoreline here is sandy and a nice place for the family to hang out tool
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Two River Boat Launch
Put your boat in or out here. Easy access to fish the bank up and downstream here too.
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No Name Lane Parking
Good place to park to fish the huge hole just upstream, or to walk downstream. You can fish downstream here all the way into town if you want.
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No Name Creek Trail Head
A nice little bushy trail that follows No-name creek. This is a "secret" hiking spot for locals. The small creek is filled with mini brook trout you can catch all day.
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No Name Rest Area
Fish Up-river from here for miles if you want. Easy bank access along the bike-trail.
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Grizzly Creek Trail Head
Grizzly Creek is mid-sized creek. You can hike up it for miles and miles... prepare for better fishing if you hike upstream for an hour first.
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Grizzly Creek Rest Area
Easy Parking to fish the confluence of Grizzly Creek and Colorado River. Or, fish either up or downstream from here.
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Fish Downstream from here. There is considerably less water in this stretch and much of it is slower pools... but the fishing can be quite good here too. Not as heavily fished. Don't bother going upstream
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Downtown Glenwood Springs
Park Here (next to funeral home) to fish the East side of the river, either up or down. Convenient location if you are downtown
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Pocket Park/Bike Trail Access
Between 17th and 18th. The trail runs along the river in this stretch, but, banks are steep. This "pocket park" has an easy trail down to the river and you can walk up or downstream from here. You can park at Wendy's or Safeway to get on the trail and reach this spot
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Sunlight Bridge - West
There is a spot for one car to park here and the trail down is right next to the car. More parking on other side. Most people either fish by the bridge or fish upstream from here.
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Sunlight Bridge East Side
Ample parking here. Trail down to river (good for kayakers and even one-man Cat access) or walk across the bridge.
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Cemetary Hole Parking
Park here and walk 10 minutes down trail (or ride bike) to the River. Friendly access... beachy area with kids playing.
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Westbank Boat Launch
Boat Launch Here
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South Canyon - South of River
Drive across the bridge and park there. Can fish either up or down.
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South Canyon Boat Launch
Good fishing access, restroom and boat launch.
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Veltus Park
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, USA
Handicap access ramp. During lower water, you can wade across here and fish productive water on the other side.
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Sutank Bridge
Parking and access here.
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Gianetti Lease
You can fish upstream from here about 2,000 feet.