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Ugly Man A to Z

The is a gazetteer of places where the history of Ugly Man Records has been enacted. Building daily into treasury of memories and places to visit to be read in conjunction with
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Birth Place of Ugly Man Records
29 Hillhead Rd
Bootle, England, GB
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Bar Centro
74 Tib street
Manchester, M4 1LG, United Kingdom
The day I met Elbow and Phil Chadwick at Centro. Just been dropped by EMI
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The Nursery Of Ugly Man Records
34 Slade Grove
Manchester, Greater Manchester M13 0NF, GB
Once Ugly man began to work with, up and coming Manchester talent the nerve centre shifted to Longsight Manchester
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The site of Red Rhino's Warehouse 1986
Fetter Ln
York, York YO1 6, GB
Now a set of residential purpose built apartments. Once the home of independent music in the north east.
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The site of Red Rhino's Warehouse 1990
Eldon St
York, York YO31 7, GB
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Night & Day Café
26 Oldham Street
Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 1JN, UK
Spiritual home of the noughties period Ugly Man - where I met John Bramwell for the first time.

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The Wool Shop on Mount Road
Mount Road
Manchester, M18, UK
Now sadly transformed in to a regular house. In the 80's it was a wool shop with a 60's style flat above it. Home to Mike West and later Jon Ronson whe he moved to Manchester
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The International
Anson Road
Manchester, M12, UK
Site of legendary 80's club. Now currently a turkish continental supermarket awash with exotic fayre.

Run by Roger Eagle and the infamous Gareth Evans. With Joe Strong on the decks.

Venue of my first ever Man from Delmonte gig. So many great amercian bands too. Husker Du, REM ,Stone Roses, Red on Green. It was an amazing time.

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Newbank Tower, Salford
Bridgewater Street
Bryan Glancy's Flat in Salford overlooking the Iconic and sinister Strangeways Prison
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43 McKenzie Street
Mike West's House in Longsight
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Victoria Station
Scene of Black "Going Top 40" meeting
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The Boardwalk
Little Peter Street
Legendary Live Venue - scene of Black only Concert whilst on Ugly Man, supported by The Man from Delmonte.
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Lockkeepers Cottage
Home to Sheila & Peter Seal between 1985 and 1990 - rehearsal space and social hub for The Man From Delmonte
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JD Williams & Company
53 Dale Street
Manchester, M60 6ES
Scene of the lunch time "professional 7 inch day time radio" meeting