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A Saturday Afternoon Walk Around San Francisco

Just a little map showing some photos I took during a walk around San Francisco on Saturday March 19th, 2006.

This map is also an example map, showing CommunityWalk's path drawing functionality. This lets you draw custom paths and provides a floating widget that calculates the distance of the path and lets you navigate between the points on the path easily.
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Behind Ghiradelli Square
San Francisco, CA, USA
Photos taken from behind Ghiradelli Square, looking out on the San Francisco Bay with a good view of Alcatraz.
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Golden Gate Bridge From Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA, USA
Pictures of Golden Gate Bridge taken from the path that wraps around the hill above Fort Mason. The trees and lighting made for a very serence effect.

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Fishing Boat, Coit Tower, and Ghiradelli Square
A simple picture of a fishing boat with views of Coit Tower and Ghiradelli Square in the background. I just kind of appreciated the look of the fishing boat and dock tucked away off to the side, away from all the activity around the Ghiradelli Square.
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Different Sized Boats with Alcatraz in the Distance
San Francisco, CA, USA
There was something about this shot, with the larger ship on the right, the smaller one on the left, and Alcatraz in the back that was just appealing. I'm not really sure why...
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Inside the Cannery
Simple little picture of the inside of the Cannery. Despite living a few blocks away for about 10 months I had never been down in here. It's nice to just walk around sometimes and rediscover your own neighborhood.