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EASTERN NORTH AMERICA (Canada and United States)


The European Martial Art's Club Finder is sponsored by the HEMA Alliance (a non-profit organization dedicated to rediscovering the Western Martial Arts through vigorous scholarship and archeological experimentation). Disclaimer: This map is intended to be a representation of the entire Historical European Martial Arts community, not to infer affiliation or suggest membership into the HEMA Alliance. The purpose of this training partner Finder is to be a service to the HEMA community and to demonstrate the rich diversity and scope of the Historical European Martial Arts movement. Historical European Martial Arts includes but is not limited to fighting with the Longsword (two handed sword fighting), Sword & Buckler (one handed sword fighting), Side Sword, Cut & Thrust, Rapier, Rapier & Cloak, Rapier & Dagger, Dussack, Messer, Dagger, Staff, Irish Bata (shillelagh),Irish Cudgel, La Canne, Bastone Siciliano, Halberd, Pike, Spear, Flail, Sickle, Scythe, Grappling, Mounted Combat, Armoured Combat, Un-Armoured Combat and much more.
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Panama City Western Martial Arts
Panama City, Florida, USA
(850) 238 - 6699
Panama City Western Martial Arts practices mostly: Hans Talhoffer, Fiore Dei Liberi Dagger and Wrestling as well as Girard Thibault d'Anvers/Ramon Martinez Rapier.
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MFFG - Knights Blade - UCF
Orlando, Florida, US
Meyer Centric Longsword, Staff, Halberd, Dagger, Dussack & Early Rappier.

Contact: Thor Tyrsman (the only one) on facebook. Meyer Freifecther Guild dba Knight's Blade A HEMA group organized at the University of Central Florida in Orlando
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Meyer Frei Fechter Guild - Fort Myers
Fort Myers, Florida, US
Meyer Centric Longsword, Staff, Halberd, Dagger, Dussack & Early Rappier
Contact: Curt Dunham (CurtandSueDunham(at)earthlink(dot)net)- Meyer Frei Fechter Guild
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MFFG - Tallahassee
Tallahassee, Florida
Jay Vail -
German Tradition- Lichtenauer, Meyer, HEMA Dagger Authority

Jay Vail ( - Author of Medieval & Renaissance Dagger Combat (; Foremost HEMA Authority on Dagger Combat and a Heck of a Swordsman ( I have many bruises to prove it)
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Systeme d'Armes
New Orleans, LA, US
Lenny Zimmermann or Jeanry
Système d’Armes, New Orleans (SDA NOLA) is a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) group formed in 2004 by Lenny Zimmermann and Jean Chandler. The purpose of SDA is for it’s members to learn to fight, particularly with swords but with other weapons as well, based on techniques from fencing manuals written in medieval and Early Modern periods, primarily from Italy and German speaking Central Europe. SDA was born from an earlier, less organized group which was active since the late 1990′s and includes members with various martial backgrounds including Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino martial arts, Marine Corps combatives, collegiate saber fencing, SCA rapier fencing, and… lower decatur street in the 1980′s.
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Apex, NC, US
German, current emphasis on Leichtenauer tradition 2-handed, plus forays into I.33 sword and buckler, but interest in other weapons as well. We study nultiple masters looking for common threads in technique.
Jeff Ross (Contact by PM via )- Excellent scholar and fighter somewhere in central North Carolina

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Christopher Wheeler
Fredericksburg, VA, US
Lichtenauer Lineage and George Silver In Future
Christopher Wheeler ( Excellent Group of Scholars and Fighters in the Shenandoah Valley. A place that's seen its share of warriors.
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Bob Fitch & Paul Kartage
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Bob Fitch & Paul (
- Starting the Southern Virginia Arm of the HEMA Alliance. For now their motto reads "NEED WARM BODIES"
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The Group
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Liechtenauer Lineage and More

Mike Rasmusson (Contact him by PM via ) - The Group AKA "the Sith" or "the Darkside" depending on their mood. This Group provides one of the best free web based resources for HEMA texts and translations ( and they have a diehard study group made up of current, former and never AEMMA Apostates. Their new Video "eXtreme Fencing" ( is a must for any serious HEMA practitioner.
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The Roanoke Sword Guilde
Roanoke, VA, US
Bill Goodwin( - The Roanoke Sword Guilde is a small group of sword enthusiast with a diverse range of involvement and interest. We are collectors of vintage / antique and historically based functional reproduction swords, practitioners of historical swordsmanship HES - Historical European Swordsmanship / WMA - Western Martial Arts. The main focus of our swordsmanship training group is on medieval longsword. As a group and as individuals, we have done presentations / demonstrations for area schools, church groups, Reniassance / Medieval festivals,YMCA Fencing Club and other local organizations. All members are historians / students of different time era's from Medieval to WWII.
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MFFG - South Florida
Hollywood, FL, US
Mike Cartier -
Meyer Centric Longsword, Staff, Halberd, Dagger, Dussack & Early Rappier. Group meets most every Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park.

Michael Cartier, FIMAS (
- Founder of the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild, Teacher & Soon to be Published Author. Don't let his academic acomplishments fool you. Mike is one of the most talented swordsman in HEMA today.

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MFFG - Fechtergesellschaft Illinois
Lincoln, IL, US
James Brown is the current study group leader in Lincoln, IL.
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Order of the Seven Hearts
Washington, DC, US
1600s Italian Classic Rapier (i.e. Fabris/Giganti/Capoferro/Alfieri) and Baroque Rapier (Pallavicini, Marcelli, and Di Mazo).

You can contact Tom Leoni at his forum : - Order of the Seven Hearts. What can I say? One of the premier schools in HEMA.
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Athena School of Arms
Middlesex County, MA, US
Kunstbruder, the Brotherhood of the Art, is a Boston area group that trains Medieval Longsword in the tradition of Lichtenauer. We study the Lichtenauer tradition as part of our affiliation with Forte Swordplay. The Brotherhood is also working to reconstruct the Medieval Sword and Shield tradition as well as other aspects such as Spear, Dagger and Grappling. Together these elements help to understand and recreate combat on the battlefield and in the list. Training prepares the student for one-on-one and melee combats.

Contact Steven Hirsch (via website)The first Basics class will be Mondays at 6p and run until 7p.
There will also be a Wednesdays Basics class from 8p-9p.

Our new location is at the Dance Studio of the Boston Baby Dolls, 119 Braintree St., Allston, MA. The Website has directions, contact and other info.

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Gallowglass Academy Illinois
Forest Park, Illinios, US
C. Allen Reed
Bartitsu, Bowie Knife, Rapier, Sidesword
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MEMAG's Bridge Fechtschule
200 N Stiles Ave
Burlington County, NJ 08052, US
The Brueke Fechtschule is currently holding classes in Maple Shade New Jersey that are welcome to all ages from 12 years old and up on Sundays from 12 pm - 2 pm.

NJ/Philadelphia PA

Address: 200 Stiles Avenue Maple Shade, NJ 08052.
(Maple Shade Township Municipal Building).

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Davenport, Iowa, US
Jaremy Bybee
We are a group of Historical European Martial Arts practitioners in the Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois. We strive for accuracy and personal growth in the martial arts used in the Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Our methods of discovering and learning this art are derived directly from source literature written by the experts of the day. These manuscripts have been sitting on the shelves of libraries and private collections for hundreds of years. Many of these works have been largely ignored until relatively recently. The martial history within these sources is not only a lost part of Western culture, but an amazingly effective and efficient, yet refined system of close combat.

Swordsmanship was a major focus in these works, but many other weapons are featured in their pages. The longsword is a primary focus in a large portion of these manuals. It is a sophisticated weapon featuring many aspects of other fighting tools used throughout the period. The longsword was a sort of middle ground in regards to range, power, and maneuverability. This made it an ideal weapon to teach the principals of fighting with all weapons. For this reason, just as the students and teachers of the day, we focus primarily on the longsword, but experiment and learn with many other European weapons. Grappling and unarmed skills are also a very import part of our training.

The skills we train unlock a missing piece of our history, but also provide us with an important skill set. The concepts used 500 years ago are still very applicable to self defense today. Additionally, the scholarship and physicality of this study cultures a self discipline and confidence that only a true Martial Art teaches.
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Schola Saint George Charleston, SC
Charleston, South Carolina, US
JC Conway
Primary Foci: Fiore's Sword in Two well as, well, pretty much anything Fiore.

Contact for further information: J.C. Conway, 843-343-6560 (

Check us out on social media. Join us on Facebook!/groups/166676400037337/

or on Meetup (

Sundays from 1-2:30 for Introduction to Fiore's long sword at Hampton Park.

Sundays 2:30-4 for intermediate studies in Long Sword, Abrazare, and Daga.

Our website is

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ARMA Kentucky
Murray, Kentucky, US
Justin Morman
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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ARMA, Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama, US
Jeff Hansen
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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Mid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship (MASHS)
Annapolis, Maryland, US
Larry Tom
German Longsword, Italian Rapier, French Smallsword, Italian Dueling Saber
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ARMA Mobile
Mobile, Alabama, US
John Bentley
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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MEMAG's Peninsula Fight School
Wicomico County, MD, US
The Peninsula Fight School is currently holding classes that are welcome to all ages from 12 years old and up on Saturdays from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm. Please note that class times are subject to change and if you are interested in classes we ask that you first contact us for our address and for our current class schedule.

Delmar, MD:

Phone: (443) 880-4853

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Forte Swordplay
Burlington, Massachusetts, US
Jeff Tsay
Dedicated to the practical study of Kunst des Fechtens (KdF)
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Worcester Historical Swordsmanship
Worcester, Massachusetts, US
Maître Ken Mondschein, PhD: Meyer longsword, Italian rapier and two-handed sword, dagger defense, traditional French canne and bâton, and classical dueling sabre, dueling sword, and foil.
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Boston Armizare (Newton)
86 Los Angeles St
Newton, Massachusetts, US
Charles Deily
Primary Foci: Italian medieval sword in one and two hands, azza, daga, abrazare.

Boston Armizare (formerly SSG Boston) has a Saturday class has been in Arlington, MA during the nice summer weather and indoors in Cambridge, MA when its cold. Additionally, for more experienced folk, we have a Friday night meeting weekly in Newton, MA, near Bridge Street. Contact Charles (email: ) for more details on joining us, or check out our Meetup pages. Any cancellations (due to weather, etc.) are ALSO made on Meetup ( .

Newton Practice: Friday evenings at Simply Circus, 7:30 - 9:45,
86 Los Angeles St, Newton, MA

Currently, we're all working on Fiore's dagger and abrazare plays for the first half of class, then splitting up to work on different material.

Arlington Practices Magnolia Field, Arlington MA -- just off the bike path between Magnolia and Thorndike. THIS IS OUTDOORS, AND MAY BE CANCELLED WITH POOR WEATHER.

Our website is
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ARMA Atlanta
3493 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30319, US
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA study approach and program.
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ARMA Twin Cities
Twin Cities, Minnesota, US
Steve Pangerl
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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Bramble's Schoole of Defence
4653 South Campbell Avenue
Springfield, MO 65810, US
Sword and buckler, rapier, rapier and dagger, two handed sword, pole arms, matchlock and flintlock firearms, longbow
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New Jersey Historical Fencing Association
205 Conklintown Road
Wanaque, NJ 7465, US
NJHFA studies pan-European fechtbucher from the 13th - 17th century. Please visit our web site: or contact us via e-mail:
You can also like us on Facebook:
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ARMA Southern NJ
New Jersey, US
John Sheetz
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Appleton
3315 W College Ave
Grand Chute, WI 54914, US
Aaron Pynenberg
Instructor - Aaron Pynenberg
German longsword (blossfechten), Italian longsword, dagger, ringen, rapier, poleweapons, dusack, sword & buckler
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Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Milwalkee, WI
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Jeremiah Backhaus
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Alliance Martial Arts
Ithaca, New York, US
Pete Kautz
Bowie Knife, Tomahawk, German Dagger and more.
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Martinez Academy of Arms - NYC
Ramon Martinez
New York City, New York, USA
A traditional academy of classical and historical fencing.
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Chicago Swordplay Guild Milwaukee Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Greg Mele
Fiore, Vadi. Longsword, dagger, abrazare
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Selohaar's Lake Ontario Fechtschule
Syracuse, NY, US
German medieval martial arts of Master Johannes Liechtenauer.
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Schola Staint George Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Scott Adkins
Fiore's Sword in Two Hands, Abrazare,Daga,Spear

Our website is
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ARMA Athens, GA
Athens, Georiga, US
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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OHFF - Ohio Historical Free Fencers
Columbus, Ohio, US
Jaron Bernstein
Historical European Martial Arts - pan-European from 1300-1650. Contact: Jaron Bernstein email:
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St. Martin's Academy of Medieval Arms
Wisconsin, US
Bob Charron
Italian Medieval Martial Arts
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Schola Saint George Atlanta
2105 Mack Rd
Douglasville, Georiga 30135, US
Great news! Italian Longsword classes are here. We are offering a beginning and intermediate class taught by SSG Atlanta members. The city of Douglasville Parks & Recs is sponsoring the classes. Registration information can be found in their activities catalogue or contact the park; Deer Lick Park (2105 Mack Road Douglasville, Georgia 30135) to register. Phone: 770-920-7129 Email

Beginner classes are from Saturdays; 9:00am to 10:30 and intermediate classes are from 10:30 to 12:00pm.

Also find us on Facebook at!/groups/191398220998511/

or Meetup (

Our website is

Contact Darren at
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Chicago Swordplay Guild Chicago
Chicago, Illinios, US
Greg Mele
longsword, rapier
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Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, Nova Scotia
Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
Fiore, grappling, dagger, sword, polearms, italian rapier and sword&buckler, longbow/recurve archery
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Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Fiore, grappling, dagger, sword, polearms, italian rapier and sword&buckler, longbow/recurve archery
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Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, Universtiy of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fiore, grappling, dagger, sword, polearms, italian rapier and sword&buckler, longbow/recurve archery
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Les Maitres d'Armes
Ottawa, ON, CA
Les Maitres d’Armes is a contemporary school for historical European swordplay and martial arts located in Ottawa, Canada. Our curriculum currently comprises medieval grappling, dagger and sword combat. More specifically, it is a school teaching the dei Liberi tradition, or the art known as l’arte dell’armizare set down by Fiore dei Liberi, an Italian Master at Arms of the 15th century.
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Rince an Bhata Uisce Bheatha
224 Main St E
Milton, ON L9T, CA
Glenn Doyle -
Glenn Dolye is one of the premier instructers for Irish Bata (Stick Fighting) in North America. His dedication to the nearly extinct living tradition of Irish Martial Arts is invaluable.
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Bâton Irlandais Québec
Quebec, QC, CA
Groupe d'étude de bâton irlandais style Antrim.
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Martial Arts Academy Serei
1950 Rue Dandurand
Montreal, QC H2G 1Y8, CA
Canne de Combat, sport avec canne

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Savate World
429 Rue Viger Est
Montreal, QC H2L, CA
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La Compagnie Medievale de Montreal
6400 16 Ave
Montréal, QC H1X 2S9, CA
La Compagnie Médiévale se veut une école d’escrime ancienne occidentale. Notre mission est de fournir un milieu et des ressources permettant à nos membres d’apprendre et de poursuivre la maîtrise de l’escrime ancienne occidentale en tant qu’art martial. Pour ce faire, les membres sont initiés au maniement de trois types d’arme, soit l’épée longue, l’épée et la bocle, ainsi que le marteau de Lucerne.
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Kinsman, OH, US
NEOHEMAS is a newly(2002) created offshoot organization of POHEMAS. Our focus are the martial traditions of Europe and of the Colonized New World. To be a bit more specific we are currently Studying Irish Bata, Pugilism, Savate, Navaja/Bowie knife, Sambo and RMA, Scottish and English broadsword and various folk wrestling traditions. We will soon be adding other arts to our evergrowing list of things studied.
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Ethan Muehlbauer
Birmingham, AL, US
German Tradition - focusing on ringen \ empty-handed as the foundation of the art and including all forms of traditional weapons
Ethan Muehlbauer (Contact him by PM via ) - Ethan is located south of Birmingham and is networked with those who are \ were involved in the ARMA group in Birmingham and those with the defunct SSG local group. He can be contacted by those new to HEMA or traveling through the area for information or possible practice.

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Groups in Western Europe
Hit the Title to Link to Map
France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.
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Abingdon Historical Combat
Abingdon, VA, US
Longsword and Ringen using Ringeck, Meyer and Codex Wallerstien. Also Sword & Buckler using the I-33 manuscript.

Will Adamson (
- Abingdon Historical Combat. This former ARMA group includes a History grad student working in Archeology; An assitant professor with a PhD in biology and a pre-med student. Although it's been said that once the sparring begins, the academic niceties go away.
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Thomas Darbour
Hoboken, NJ, US
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Maryland Savate Federation Contact us at
5081 Cedar Ln
Columbia, MD 21044, US
The Maryland Savate Federation promotes the sport of savate and canne de combat throughout the Maryland and Washington DC area.

We welcome participants of all skill levels to train with us under the instruction of our coach, Steve Savoie, an internationally certified trainer in Boxe Francaise Savate.
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Akrites Academy
Orlando, FL, US
Welcome to the Akrites Academy. The academy is located in Orlando, FL. It is a private palaistra where the curriculum consists of authentic Greek martial art. The head instructor, Eric D. Hill, is directly certified by Grandmaster Demetrios Arvanitis, the patriarch of "mahitiki tehni" (Greek martial art) who is also known as "The Father of Modern Pankration".

The academy is dedicated to the proliferation of "mahitiki tehni" to the current and next generation of hellenes and philhellenes
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Spartan Pankration Academy
4415 Boul Notre Dame
Laval, QC H7W, CA
(514) 814-5191
Welcome to Spartan Pankration Academy, the primary institution world wide for Authentic Pankration, the study of Greek Martial Arts. This academy is the work of Aris Makris who has been teaching Pankration in Canada and abroad for over 25 years.
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Groups in Latin America
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The Triangle Sword Guild
Raleigh, NC, US
A club focusing on the study of Liechtenauer Longsword, Combative Grappling, as other sources. Requires no club dues, interested parties always welcome. Meets several times a week.
Contact info is

Also visit
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Sarasota Longsword Group
Sarasota, FL 34232, US
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MFFG - Central Florida
Altamonte Springs, FL, US
Meyer Centric Longsword, Staff, Halberd, Dagger, Dussack & Early Rappier

Contact: Dave Parker ( Meyer Frei Fechter Guild

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Virginia Academy of Fencing
Springfield, VA, US
The roots of modern fencing are the sword arts that were practiced on battlefields and dueling grounds of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Virginia Academy of Fencing (VAF) is one of only a handful of schools in North America offering systematic instruction in RAPIER and TWO-HANDED SWORD.
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Staten Island German Martial Arts (SIGMA) of the Selohaar Fechtschule
Staten Island, NY, US
Staten Island German Martial Arts is a NYC based study group focusing on the historical teachings of the medieval grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer as well as those who benefited from his legacy, such as Masters Peter Von Danzig, Paulus Kal, Andres Lignitzer, Sigmund Ringeck, and Ott Jud - also known as the "Society of Liechtenauer". These masters created commentaries on Liechtenauer's secret verses and collectively constitute the medieval German Kunst des Fechtens, or "Art of Fighting".

Our primary focus is the German Longsword, but we also utilize several treatises containing the use of dagger, spear, poleaxe, and messer, as well as short sword and buckler. We have the privilege of support and guidance from our principal instructor Christian Henry Tobler, published author and scholar. We are a branch of the Selohaar Fechtschule and follow their curriculum, created through years of study and research.

As a historical study group, we attempt to improve our knowledge and understanding of this historical fighting system by incorporating the chivalric mindset which permeated the mentality of the knightly arts and culture present during this long forgotten time. We believe that honor is an integral part of the learning process and stress the importance of it in all aspects of training.We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and martial excellence which transcends the classroom and extends to the greater community.

We are not a living history group or a creative fantasy group. We are a martial arts group who study historical documentation in order to revive an ancient fighting art. We strive to perfect this art through the information passed down in ancient text and manuscripts as well as studying the science of the human body and it's mechanics. If you are eager to study a true medieval fighting system and have the courage and the self determination to raise yourself above the norm, than I invite you to join us. For more info Email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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Mark E. Hayes
Chattanooga, TN, US
Contact via HEMA Alliance Forum
While I have studied history and have collected arms for some time now, I have only recently decided to take up Longsword fencing. I live in the Chattanooga Tn area and have been searching for a proper school for training, there are a couple in Atlanta Ga, which is a bit too far, those in Tennessee are even further. I have been in contact with some very nice folks in Knoxville, but given the distance I will only be able to train there on occassion. If there is anyone in my area who would like to have a training partner, please feel free to contact me via pm. Also, if anyone has any advice to offer, that would be appreciated as well.

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Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild
Schuyler, VA, US
Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild is an association of like-minded scholars and scholar-atheletes designed to provide mutual aid in our study and to promote of our common interest in historical European swordplay and close quarter combat of the 14th and 15th centuries. We combine scholarship and research into the teachings of the historical masters-at-arms with the practical knowledge gained through solo drills, partnered exercises, test-cutting with sharp weapons, wrestling, and fencing with specially-designed, blunt weapons.

We do not train in a modern sport or for theatrical display. We learn techniques in reference to how they were used in real combat. Forteza practices with an absolute emphasis on safety, control, competence, and skill at arms.

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Arte Dimicatoria
7378 Rue Lajeunesse
Montreal, QC H2R 2H7, CA
HEMA non-profit study group.
Longsword, sidesword, sword & buckler, dagger and wrestling according to different medieval and renaissance treatises.
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ARMA Middle Tennessee
McEwen, TN, US
John Farthing
AngelCelt@aol.comPracticing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.
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Susquehanna Valley Swordplay Guild
130 Gettysburg Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, US
The Susquehanna Valley Swordplay Guild is a modern martial arts school focused on the teaching and training of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). We focus primarily on the Italian traditions of the 14th - 16th centuries. Susquehanna Valley Swordplay Guild is an official study group of the Chicago Swordplay Guild and teach their longsword, grappling, and dagger curriculum. We currently offer classes in the greater Harrisburg area.
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Ars Gladii
Redford, MI
Redford, Michigan, US
Ars Gladii works with the Liechtenauer tradition teaching the longsword, sword and buckler, dagger, wrestling, spear, and poleaxe in the Detroit Metro Area.
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Groups in Oceania, Southern Africa and Outremer
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Groups in Central Europe
Hit Link below or Title to Link to Map.
Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.
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Goldsmith WMA
4228C Garrett Road
Durham, NC 27707, US
The club studies a variety of German and Italian documents. It is hosted by Goldsmith Kung Fu and MMA; as the instructor has a developing interest in WMA studies. The group currently meets on an ad hoc basis at the the MMA gym, and a large amount of equipment is provided.
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MFFG - Grunberg Freifechters
Charles Murdock is heading up the Northern most study group of the Meyer Freifechter Guild located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Hence the name "Grunberg Freifechters" or the Green Mountain Free Fighters. You can contact Charles by emailing him at
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Ann Arbor Sword Club
3337 Ann Arbor-Saline Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48108, US
(734) 996-4290
Historical Fencing (Western Martial Arts/HEMA)

- Longsword
- Rapier
- Smallsword
- Sword and Buckler
- Polish Sabre
- Staff Weapons
Modern/Sport Fencing also
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Groups in the British Isles
Hit title to link to map
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
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Boston Armizare (Cambridge)
100 Concord Ave
Cambridge, MA 2138, US
Primary Foci: Italian medieval sword in one and two hands, azza, daga, abrazare.

Boston Armizare (formerly SSG Boston) has a Saturday class has been in Arlington, MA during the nice summer weather and indoors in Cambridge, MA when its cold. Additionally, for more experienced folk, we have a Friday night meeting weekly in Newton, MA, near Bridge Street. Contact Charles (email: ) for more details on joining us, or check out our Meetup pages. Any cancellations (due to weather, etc.) are ALSO made on Meetup ( .

Newton Practice: Friday evenings at Simply Circus, 7:30 - 9:45,
86 Los Angeles St, Newton, MA

Currently, we're all working on Fiore's dagger and abrazare plays for the first half of class, then splitting up to work on different material.

Arlington Practices Magnolia Field, Arlington MA -- just off the bike path between Magnolia and Thorndike. THIS IS OUTDOORS, AND MAY BE CANCELLED WITH POOR WEATHER.

Our website is

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Ottawa Classical Swordplay Sunday practice
175 Third Avenue
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Sunday location for Ottawa Classical Swordplay
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Selohaar Fechtschule
Oxford, CT, US
The Selohaar Fechtschule (German for 'Fencing School') is a historical fencing study group within the Order of Selohaar founded by Christian Henry Tobler. The "Manor", as it is known, serves as the group's home base. The group meets weekly to research, study, and practice the martial arts of Medieval and early Renaissance Europe under the guidance of the Grand Master of the Order, Christian Henry Tobler. Mr. Tobler, a member of the Advisory Board for Swordplay Symposium International, is an internationally-known researcher, instructor, and combatant and has instructed at seminars and symposia around the United States for seven years.

The Fechtschule focuses on the Fechtbücher, or "fight books", of the masters of the tradition arising from the teachings of the 14th century grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer. We use the treatises ascribed to Sigmund Ringeck, Peter von Danzig, Paulus Kal, Hans Talhoffer, Peter Falkner, and others, whose commentaries on Liechtenauer's secret verses constitute the medieval German Kunst des Fechtens (Art of Fighting). These manuscripts document the use of the longsword, dagger, poleaxe, and unarmed combat, both in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback.

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Order of Selohaar's Southern Preceptory
Bradenton, FL, US
The Southern Preceptory is a study group of the Order of Selohaar in Florida under the direction of Preceptor Sir Mark Keller, Knight of Selohaar. Sir Mark is a former Champion of the Order, Captain of the Guard, and was the squire and personal student of the Grand Master, Sir Christian Tobler. Sir Mark and his wife the Lady Paula, a former Chatelaine of the Order, will be conducting training, holding rituals and meditations, and networking with other like-minded groups and organizations in their area. To contact Sir Mark and Lady Paula regarding their evolving activities, email Sir Mark Keller at DXKnightErrant(at)gmail(dot)com

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Krieg School of Historical Swordsmanship
400 Highland Ave
Largo, FL 33771, US
The Krieg School of Historical Fencing - Tampa Bay is a school located in the Tampa Bay Area, FL dedicated to the study and propagation of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). We study and practice the techniques described in the fight books written by medieval and Renaissance German sword masters- primarily those of Joachim Meyer and other masters in the lineage of Johannes Lichtenauer. Our main weapons of interest are longsword, dussack, rappier, dagger, and polearms.

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Maine Broadsword Academy
Portland, ME, US
Maine Broadsword Academy
Head Instructor: Matt Park, Cateran and Tanist of the Cateran Society
Assistant Instructor: Elmo MacKay

Location of Practice: the Western Cemetary

Class Schedule: Beginner's Class is on Fridays at 3 pm in the West End cemetary. Advanced Class is at 11 am at the same location.


Offering Instruction In: every facet of the Cateran System, including the use of the Highland Broadsword, the Sword and Targe and a wide variety of other weapons, including but not limited to the backsword, dirk, cutlass, tomahawk, two-handed sword, sparth axe, quarterstaff and cudgel.
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Broadsword Academy Pennsylvania
Bryn Mawr, PA, US
Broadsword Academy Pennsylvania
Head Instructor: Randal Gustitis, 2nd Degree Mentor

Location of Practice: contact for info

Class Schedule: contact for info


Offering Instruction In: the Regimental Highland Broadsword of John Taylor and Old Style Highland Broadsword of Andrew Lonnergan.
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Sean W.
Va 22025
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Groups in Eastern Europe
Click Title to Link to Map.
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.
(view on the map)
Groups in Southeastern Europe
Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosova, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Sovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and Turkey
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HEMA Alliance
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Western Martial Arts Coalition WMAC
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Links to Forums
Australian Historical Swordplay Forums (English)

HEMA Alliance Forum,(English)

Schola Forum(English)

HROARR Polearms Forum (English)

Western Martial Arts WMAC Forum, (English)

MACS KunstFechten Forum (English)

Sword Forum International(English)

MyArmoury (English)

The Association of Renaissance Martial Arts ARMA (English)

Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola
GHFS Forum (Swedish & English)

de De Taille et d’Estoc Forum (French & English)

ARMA Poland/FEDER (Polish)

Asociación Española de Esgrima Antigua (Spanish)
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Wiktenauer is an autonomous project sponsored by the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance, open for contribution from all researchers and practitioners in the Western martial arts community. Our mission is to collect all of the primary source literature that makes up our text, as well as all related research, and to organize and present it in an accessible format. Here are a few basic categories of pages that are being constructed:

Master Pages host biographical information about each master, as well as the transcription and translation of his complete works. In cases of multiple copies of a master's work, the transcriptions are laid out side-by-side to facilitate the most accurate master translation possible. To aid in interpretation, the writings will also be illustrated with images from the masters' work as available. A bibliography at the end of each page lists additional transcriptions, translations, and manual scans that are available in print. The template for this category of pages is Johannes Liechtenauer. Ultimately, every master in all of the traditions of Western Martial Arts will have a dedicated page.
Manual Pages host all relevant data on a book or manuscript, including description, provenance, table of contents (with links to the appropriate master pages), gallery of manual scans, and bibliography of additional print resources. The template for manuscripts is the Goliath Fechtbuch, and the template for printed books is Ergrundung Ritterlicher Kunst der Fechterey. Ultimately, every manual in the corpus of Historical European Martial Arts literature will have a dedicated page.
Technique Pages compile all of the relevant information from all of the relevant manuals on a particular technique, including transcriptions, translations, and images. There is also a section at the end of each page where groups may embed videos of their interpretations. The template for techniques is the Zornhau. Ultimately, every technique mentioned in the manuals will have a dedicated page.
The wiki also features pages for HEMA groups, pages for HEMA events, general information pages, and so on. If you're not sure that something should be included, feel free to post it and find out.

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WMAWiki is an online resource that is collaboratively created and edited by many of its users. It is a special type of website called a wiki that makes collaboration easy. A very popular wiki on the internet is Wikipedia.

WMAWiki is a work in progress by nature, meaning we need your help to make this the best resource available to Western Martial Artists. To become a part of the editing community and improve our existing articles or add new ones, simply create an account by clicking the Create Account link in the upper right hand corner of this page, and start editing!

Don't be afraid to edit. Add an article, improve some grammar, or add some facts. Be bold! You can't break WMAWiki. There is nothing that you do that can't be changed or improved later. Many of our original articles included gaping holes, we were fully aware of, or our own conjecture or interpretation -- we put it out there so others could see it and make it better. So get out there and start making your mark on WMAWiki!

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Schola Forum Online Fencing and Martial Treatises
By Century
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Meyer Freifechter Guild - Joachim Meyer Resources
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Schola Artis Gladii et Armorum-Treatise database
Budapest, Budapest, HU
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Toronto, ON, CA
The focus of this site is the translation of selected sections of several fechtbücher, German manuscripts on the fighting arts. The fechtbücher examined on this site are in the tradition of 14th century master at arms Johannes Liechtenauer. Liechtenauer's (probably) unintentional gift to posterity was a series of cryptic verses describing the fighting arts, starting with longsword fencing. These verses were first written down in 1389 by a cleric named Hanko Döbringer. Döbringer apparently recorded these secret verses shortly after Liechtenauer's death in a successful effort to keep the system alive. Most longsword oriented fechtbücher right up till about 1500 were basically recitals of these verses coupled with commentary and analysis.

The translations on this site are very literal and try to stay as close to the author's original choice of words as possible. This may make the text a bit harder to read but it also allows the reader to make up his or her own mind about what the author meant. In other words, I minimise the interpretation in the translations, leaving that exersize for a separate effort.

The translations of Goliath's, Talhoffer's and Sutor's longsword sections are complete, and the Meyer and Danzig translations are well under way. Continued translating of Meyer is currently on hold.

The Goliath fechtbuch, hand-written circa 1500, is an illustrated collection of teachings similar to the unillustrated Danzig fechtbuch writen in 1452. The longsword chapter is the most detailed and verbose Liechtenauer commentary of the period. It is a great study source for the "pure" Liechtenauer style of fencing.

Joachim Meyer's fechtbuch, dated 1570, is a thorough description of the art of fencing, just like its title claims. Meyer's longsword style obviously has a Liechtenauer foundation, but he arranged the instruction text in his own way instead of just commenting on Liechtenauer's cryptic verses. Meyer's intention seemed to be to produce a training guide for the safe practice of a potentially lethal art. This gives us a good look at a sort of sport longsword style used in fencing schools and public displays. Meyer's fechtbuch, which also covers dusack, rapier, dagger, and pole weapons, was republished at intervals until 1660, a testament to its usefulness.

By examining Meyer in combination with earlier fechtbücher like Goliath, we see both the safe practice structure and the deadly foundation. I think it's a great study combination. Adding in Talhoffer and Sutor is adding paint to the walls.

Michael W. Rasmusson
Toronto, 2002
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Groups in Western North America
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Western US and Western Canada
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HROARR Resources for Historical European Martial Arts
Probably one of the best overall go to resources for Historical European Martial Arts on the web created by Roger Norling of GHFS Sweden.
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ARMA - The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
Responsible for many firsts in the re-construction of Historical European Martial Arts, ARMA has one of the most extensive online databases for manuals and articles on HEMA
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ARMA The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
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Ken Horton
Boardman, OH, US
Just writing to say hello,
Ken Horton is my name, live in Northeast Ohio. I have been attempting to practice RMA for 4 years, it sucks by yourself. There are not many people around these parts interested, a few but not close to me.
I have attended some arma events in Columbus and have met a few of the guys. Stew actually was the one instructing. I think it is very cool that you guys are breaking off and excited to see another group with new ideas. I have read a lot of books (meyer 1570, Ringeck, Wallerstein etc.) and have a real interest history, especially English and heritage, however, as stated before lack a training partner. My 5 and 7yo just run and flail.
It is funny, I read on another post, there is not mention of this on the arma forum? I found out by reading Lessons in the English longsword blog a few days ago and the Ars Gladiatoris. Looking forward to more discussions and
possibly some events.

No forwarding Contact Information. Possible phone number 330) 758-8699

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WSTR - Haddam
Haddam, CT, US
WSTR founders began training in the art of the German longsword in 1997. After offering a series of community classes, Westen Swordsmanship Technique and Research was officially founded in 2004. WSTR's established curriculum contains German longsword, sword & buckler, dagger, military saber and rapier.
Lere der Kunst
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CBD Martial Arts
6402 Larcomb Dr
Huber Heights, OH 45424, US
19th C. English/American Martial Arts
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The Chivalric Fighting Arts Association
(view on the map)
Smiths Falls - German Longsword
19 Morningside Rd
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4S5, CA
Looking for practice partners in the Ottawa Valley, specifically Smiths Falls area. Primarily interested in German Longsword work such as Myer, Lichtenauer etc.
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Caledonian Broadsword Academy of Baton Rouge
An official branch of the Cateran Society.
Instructor: James Mungall

Location of Practice: Broadmoor Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge, LA

Class Schedule: Tuesdays at 7pm. Contact for firm schedule.


Offering Instruction In: Regimental Highland Broadsword and Singlestick. Study group for Sword and Targe coming up soon!
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Esgrima Antigua e Historica de Puerto Rico
Carolina,, PR
787-241-9166 Osvaldo Amaro

Esgrima Antigua e Histórica de Puerto Rico es una iniciativa más o menos informal pero seria dirigida al estudio de la Esgrima Antigua Europea como Arte Marcial. En Puerto Rico aunque se practica la Esgrima Deportiva no existen salones de armas y posiblemente carecemos de instructores de esgrima histórica. Esto crea una singular problemática para cualquier persona interesada en estudiar éste noble arte.

Como fundador de Softcombat Games Puerto Rico Inc primera organización de juegos de batalla medieval, softcombat y rol en vivo de ambientación medieval en Puerto Rico y el Caribe siempre tuve como doble propósito el iniciar una práctica de lo que se conoce en habla ingles Historical European Martial Arts y/o Western Martial Arts. Y desde hace algunos años me estuve informando sobre estas, con éste fin cree pero deje que permanciese durmiente los siguientes sitios web con éste fin:

y foro:

No es hasta ahora que pude retomar mis estudios en WMA/HEMA y con renovados bríos pretendo aprender este arte de forma autodidacta con la ayuda de amigos y colegas.

El formato del grupo proyecto que sea el de un grupo de estudio donde cada quien trabaj duro por si mismo y todos nos encontramos para intercambiar hallazgos y para reforzar nuestra práctica.

Al momento soy miembro de FCS Puerto Rico Brotherhood(y espero aprovechar mejor el tiempo con los compañeros de FCSPR), Chiyuu Ke Kendo of Puerto Rico y HEMAA(Historical European Martial Arts Alliance). Se nos ha ofrecido ayuda en la forma de consejo,info ,clases web y hasta visitas por los compañeros de HEMAA, amigos en Mexico y de The Exiles en Inglaterra.

Esperamos echar esto pa'lante de forma lenta pero segura.

NO somos cosplayers, NO somos larpers. Personas interesadas en participar tienen que ser mayores de 21 años y residentes de Puerto Rico. NO permitimos el consumo de bebidas alcoholicas, ni fumar en nuestras reuniones.
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Sword Carolina
104a N. Main St.
Fountain Inn, SC 29644, US

We are a full-time professional HEMA school training our students in the early Liechtenauer tradition, a great subject for the new HEMA practitioner. Our members can attend weekly classes on Longsword, Messer, and Ringen. Our Online members around the world have access to hours and hours of video instruction going through basics, drills, and full classes.

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Ionia County Historical European Martial Arts
257 Lafayette St
Ionia, MI 48846, US
contact jared sims 616-437-0250
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Southern Academy of Swordsmanship
Laurel, MS, US
L'arte dell'Armizare (the art of arms) is more than just fencing with the medieval sword: it is a comprehensive martial arts system useful in a variety of contexts.

Abrazare: wrestling & hand-to-hand

Daga: the dagger

Spada a una mano: sword in one hand

Spada a due mani: two-handed sword

Spada in arme: armoured combat with sword

Azza in arme: armoured combat with poleaxe

Lanza in arme: armoured combat with spear

A Cavallo: mounted combat

Fiore also covers use of improvised weapons, such as heavy sticks.
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Warrior Path's academy
Troy, Missouri
Troy, Missouri, US
Study group of Antrim Irish Stick and teaching Combat Glima, Catch-as-catch-can wrestling and many others.
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Ordo Procinctus
46468 River Rd
Tangipahoa Parish, LA 70401, US
The Ordo Procinctus is a full-contact, armored weapons combat group. We train in multiple fighting styles, armed and unarmed, historical and modern, and put everything to the test in monthly tournaments.
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Ryan Sachse
York, PA, US
I am currently studying Sabre via text From John Taylor, Hutton, and Waite. I am focusing a core curriculum on Taylor. I am interested in gathering together a small group to learn Sabre and hopefully to have others that would be interested in helping teach other weapons as well. My main focus will be the Sabre. If there are any interested parties please feel free to post up or message me here. I will be advertising elsewhere and at the two local campus here in York PA. If anyone has further suggestions or Ideas I would love the help to get something going. Contact at the HEMA Alliance Forum
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The Decatur School of Arms
W Trinity Pl
Decatur, GA 30030, US
The Decatur School of Arms is now officially a member of the HEMA Alliance.
We are a brand new group in the Decatur, GA area with a primary focus on Italian Rapier. Starting at 7:30 next Thursday April 5, we will be offering an introductory Rapier course at the Beacon Hill Arts Center in downtown Decatur (410 W. Trinity Pl Decatur, GA 30030). The course will last for 5 weeks. The fee for the course is $50 ($35 if you are already a member of the HEMA Alliance) equipment will provided.

David Coblentz

David Coblentz
Master At Arms
(view on the map)
Historical Fighting Academy
1240b Shreveport-Barksdale Hwy
Shreveport, LA 71105, US
German Longsword
Scottish Highland Broadsword
(Cateran Society)

Saturday's 1-3pm
(view on the map)
Pensacola Western Martial Arts
Pensacola, FL
Pensacola, Florida, US
Pensacola School of Western Martial Arts is a group of historical european martial artists that practice predominantly German, English, Scottish, and Italian styles, however we study everything from Grecian Pankration to Spanish fencing.
(view on the map)
Dromgoole Sword League
Adairville, kentucky 42202
A few friends studying the sword art of Johannes Liechtenauer. We also study the backsword and sword and buckler. Feel free to get in touch.
(view on the map)
Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - La Crosse
La Crosse, WI, US
German longsword (blossfechten), Italian longsword, dagger, ringen, rapier, poleweapons, dusack, sword & buckler. Leader - Scott Hanson
(view on the map)
Long Island Historical Fencing Society
Woodbury, NY, US

Click here for our Facebook page

(view on the map)
Arcane Combat Society
7402 Stone Bluff Ct.
Louisville, Kentucky 40291, USA
Arcane Combat Society is an Organization dedicated to recreating the Life Style, Crafts and Combat of the Ancient world.
(view on the map)
Independent Scholar
Independent Scholar of the Liechtenauer School. North Wales, PA.

My name is Chuck, and I just wanted to say "Hello" to everyone. Glad to see there are others out there with similar interests! Eventually I would like to start an informal study group.
(view on the map)
Southern Maryland Historical Martial Arts
46824 Flower Dr
St Mary's County, MD 20653, US
The Southern Maryland group HQ.

Contact: meversbergii AT gmail DOT com.
(view on the map)
Steel Ring Academy
Bradenton, FL, US
Training in Historical European Combat
(view on the map)
Ontario Center for Classical Sport
3750B Laird Road
Units 13 and 14
Mississauga, ON L5L 5Y6, CA
(905) 820-5151
The Ontario Center for Classical Sport is an excellent club dedicated to the study of fencing and archery. Everything from modern foil to Historical Rapier, Modern recurve archery to traditional archery is studied and practiced here. This facility is one of the biggest and finest places to practice classical sport in Canada.
(view on the map)
Noble Science Academy East
A large branch of the Noble Science Academy is now established in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, and holds practices focusing on longsword, rapier, and sword & buckler.
(view on the map)
Meyer Freifechter Michigan
Shelby Township, Mi 48317, USA
Michigan chapter of the Meyer Freifechter's guild
(view on the map)
Tyler Brandon
Salem, NJ 8079, US
I study 18th-20th century Anglo-American saber and Polish saber. I am trying to start a local study group. If you are interested email me at or PM me through the HEMA Alliance Forum.
(view on the map)
Ochs America
Orlando, FL, US
Scott Brown Phone 407.766.8767
Ochs America offers several training options including weekly training, personal training, seminars workshops, and specialty courses in Orlando, Florida by qualified veteran instructors. email

Classes held at 7:30PM at one of our two locations:
Monday and Thursday at 1515 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL

Saturday class at 1443 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL

Ochs America uses a unique training method specially crafted to produce quality swordsmen and women so whether you are interested in competing internationally, the great health benefits of practicing swordsmanship, or simply enjoying a hands-on glimpse into history's martial practices, Sword to Sword provides a world class training environment tailored to your specific needs.

Weekday classes focus on skill development with the German longsword for those new to swordsmanship, and tactical and strategic lessons for more proficient practitioners. Weekend classes focus on I.33 sword and buckler with specialty classes and workshops available at various times. Personal lessons are available by appointment only with the instructor in your local area.
(view on the map)
Western Swordsmanship Technique and Research
Willimantic, CT, US
WSTR founders began training in the art of the German longsword in 1997. After offering a series of community classes, Westen Swordsmanship Technique and Research was officially founded in 2004. WSTR's established curriculum contains German longsword, sword & buckler, dagger, military saber and rapier.
Lere der Kunst
(view on the map)
Fenris KDF
950 Paynes Ford Road
Martinsburg, WV 25405, US
FKDF is devoted to the study of Historic European Martial Arts, concentrating on the 14-15th century Liechtenauer tradition of Kunst des Fechtens. Our program of study includes German longsword, staff, dagger, sword and buckler, and unarmed combat techniques from a core of late medieval fechtbuch manuscripts.
(view on the map)
MFFG - Chicago Blade Combat Club
Chicago, IL, US
Study Group Leader is Fernan Vagas & J. Allen Novak
(view on the map)
Schola Saint George DFW
2025 Irving Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75207
We base the core of our work on the fourteenth century master Fiore dei Liberi, although we also do work from the German, English, Spanish and French manuscripts. We have a new, dedicated indoor training and competition facility in North Dallas, co-located at the Tiger's Den, 2025 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207.

We have regular classes on Sundays (1:30-3:00), Mondays (7:00-9:00) and Thursdays (7:00-9:00) for sword, rapier and breadth weapons (basically anything else). Beginner classes are Sundays and Thursdays. Our students are a mix of experienced martial artists who enjoy the cross-training and brand new folks.

Find us on facebook at!/groups/182272728477901/

or Meetup at

Our website is

Contact Russ.
(view on the map)
Schola Saint George - Arlington
3600 W. Arkansas Lane
Arlington, TX 76016
Welcome to the Arlington branch of the Schola Saint George - DFW group. We meet every Sunday at 6:00pm. We're currently working through various levels of material, but we always need to review the basics, so don't hesitate to stop by. Also, stop by our top notch training facility in Dallas for even more classes.

We're currently meeting at Veteran's Park (Veteran's Park 3600 W. Arkansas Lane , Arlington, TX)in the bandshell behind the memorial.

We use the DFW Facebook at!/groups/182272728477901/

and the DFW Meetup at

Our website is

Contact Dave.
(view on the map)
Swords of Cobb/Schola Saint George - Marietta
Marietta, GA 30064
Swords of Cobb is an affiliate program of the Schola Saint George, Inc., an internationally recognized school of chivalric combative arts. At Swords of Cobb, we study Medieval and Renaissance martial arts, drawing our knowledge from surviving 13th through 17th century manuscripts. We study this material using a combination of group study, proven curricula that consist of tactical lessons, step-by-step drills, games, full contact sparing, and proficiency testing. At the end of each module, students take a proficiency test receive a certificate of completion.
We rotate through our current offerings of Longsword, Sword & Buckler, and Rapier. Each program is 8 weeks long, with longsword running for 2 consecutive sessions to complete the beginner and intermediate training.

Please contact Aaron at with any questions about our program.

Find us on facebok at!/groups/139819442844433/

Also at Meetup

Also at
(view on the map)
Broken Plow Western Martial Arts
352 Butler Street
Etna, PA 15223, US
Broken Plow Western Martial Arts is part of Pittsburgh Sword Fighters, the local leader in revitalizing Historical European Martial Arts, or HEMA. Our goal at Broken Plow is to share our knowledge, skill, and love of the medieval schools of combat through historical education and martial study. We offer German based KDF longsword/weapons studies alongside multiple other disciplines including: sword and buckler, rapier, saber, modern fencing and self defense. With new programs and classes being added regularly, we offer something for everyone. Please check our website for class information and scheduling. We look forward to seeing you.
(view on the map)
Groups in Italy
Tuscany, IT
(view on the map)
Spanish Swordsmanship Society of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO, US
The Spanish Swordsmanship Society of St. Louis is dedicated to rediscovering and promoting the historical sword-fighting arts of Iberia (Spain and Portugal), known as esgrima or destreza.
(view on the map)
Swords of Chivalry
Middlesex County, MA, US
Scott Ferguson teaches longsword to children from 4th to 12th grade in Acton, MA.

(view on the map)
Kingston Broadsword Academy
Frontenac County, ON, CA
Kingston Broadsword Academy- Located in Kingston, Ontario. Offering Instruction In: the Regimental Highland Broadsword of Henry Angelo. Contact: Jake Hodgson –
(view on the map)
The Broadsword Academy at the Southern Tier Hoplological Society
Broome County, NY, US
The Broadsword Academy at the Southern Tier Hoplological Society- Located in Binghamton, NY, USA. Offering Instruction In: the Regimental Highland Broadsword of Henry Angelo. Contact: Jeremy Purdom -
(view on the map)
Royal Arts Fencing Academy
Franklin County, OH, US
(view on the map)
Atlanta Freifechters
240 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Fulton County, GA 30308, US
Based in the Unit 2 Fitness center.

Studies Meyer's longsword, dagger, dussack, some sword and buckler material, and Ringen.


Study Group Leader: Keith Cotter-Reilly -
(view on the map)
New Hampshire KdF
Hillsborough County, NH, US
That location is The Knights Hall in Nashua, NH. We will be joining a good group of people most of you already know lead by Jaye Travis Brooks Sr. and others well involved in the Armored Combat League and other ventures you will be seeing a LOT more of soon. This is a huge opportunity for our school. Our first class at our new digs will be April 12th. 10:30 AM sharp!

For more information visit our Facebook page here:

Sat: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
55 Lake St 4th fl Suite 4
Nashua, NH
(view on the map)
ARMA New York
New York County, NY, US
Corey Roberts
(view on the map)
ARMA Birmingham
Jefferson County, AL, US
ARMA Birmingham, Alabama
Jeff Hansen
(view on the map)
Link to Website
(view on the map)
Avalon WMA
St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
Focusing on German longsword currently. Club is new so help us expand!
Join us on Facebook
(view on the map)
Crown Academy of the Sword
Ithaca, NY, US
Adam Crown & Linda Wyatt
Classical and historical fencing.
(view on the map)
American Academy of English Martial Arts
North Augusta Church of Christ
600 Martintown Rd. W.
North Augusta, South Carolina 29841, USA
The AAOEMA is the first official branch of the Company of Maisters founded in the United States. Studies include instruction in broadsword, sword-and-dagger, sword-and-buckler, two-handed sword, quarterstaff, bill, dagger, and pugilism. Meetings for kids and adults are held on Monday evenings at 6:00. For enquiries contact Provost Chris Myers at
(view on the map)
Women in Historical European Martial Arts.
(view on the map)
MEMAG Blue Ridge Sword School
52 W Main St
Page County, VA 22835, US
The Blue Ridge Sword School is currently holding classes at Luray's Fitness Center on Fridays from 6:30pm-8:30pm and Saturdays from 6-8pm.

Luray, VA

Address:52 W Main St # 56, Luray, VA 22835

(view on the map)
The School of Mars
Middlesex County, MA, US
Classes focus on the use of the arming (aka single-handed) sword. Rather than covering the techniques of a single master or school, the curriculum incorporates elements from a number of early manuals, so it can be said to be something of a hybrid system, albeit drawn heavily from historical sources.

Classes run every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm - 9:00pm at Green Street Studios near Central Square in Cambridge, MA. You can find more details at or alternatively from the school's Meet-Up group at
(view on the map)
Mark Driggs
Montgomery County, VA, US
Hi, my wife and I've recently moved to SouthWest Virginia and have finally settled in somewhat. I'm looking for regular practice partners to help each other improve and study the Art. I spent a number of years training with now True Edge Academy in Provo. Potentially I hope to help form a study group or club with one of the nearby colleges, though I'm hesitant to bring 'weapons' on to Virginia Tech campus without consulting with their policies first.

We have at least 1/2 of an acre on our property suitable for practice. We're also scoping out public parks as well and can travel within an hour to meetup on most Saturdays. I am aware of the neighboring groups up in Roanoke and down in Abingdon and hope to visit and spar with them when the stars align, but my schedule will keep me in Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford most of the time.

I hope to grow HEMA in this corner of Virginia and look forward to meeting any who are interested. Contact via HEMA Alliance Forum

Mark Driggs
Lone Wolf Looking for Group
Blacksburg, VA
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Centre Sportif de l'Université de Sherbrooke
Salle de Judo
Sherbrooke, QC J1K 2R1, CA

Longsword, Messer, Dagger, Wrestling according to Medieval & Renaissance sources
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Capital KDF (xkdf network)
Liechtenaur Tradition Longsword & Kunst des Fechtens, plus Saber, Dussack, and Iberian Montante
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Maryland KDF (xkdf Network)
Howard County, MD, US
German tradition - Liechtenauer, Meyer, plus saber and more.
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Iron Door Studio
North America's only private facility dedicated exclusively to high-level practice and professional instruction in Renaissance fighting arts.
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ARMA Shenandoah Valley
1109 Berryville Ave
Gold's Gym
VA 22601, US
Practicing the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (MARE) using the ARMA method.

Study Group Leader
Michael Baron
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Kingston Irish Fighting Arts
Teaching Irish stick fighting (Antrim) as well as pugilism and Victorian self defense. Contact Maxime Chouinard:
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ARMA Milton study group
Milton, ON, CA
3 member ARMA study group meeting every Thursday.

Contact Tim,
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ARMA Louisville
The Louisville Chapter of The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts.

Contact Email:

Open Practice: Cherokee Park Baseball Diamond Sundays 1pm-3pm
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Ordo Procinctus HEMA
Baton Rouge, LA 70815, US
Instructors: Chris Hobbs and Eric Wiggins

Class Schedule:

Tuesdays & Thursdays
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Broadmoor Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge, LA

$5 per class.
After 3 classes, we require a one-time $10 fee to cover the club's insurance costs.

Our study focus is Longsword fencing in the Liechtenauer tradition, but we also dabble in dussack, staff, and sword and buckler.
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Pioneer Valley Fencing Academy
Maître Ken Mondschein, PhD: Meyer longsword, Italian rapier and two-handed sword, dagger defense, traditional French canne and bâton, and classical dueling sabre, dueling sword, and foil.
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Ritterkunst Fechtschule
12875 Cumming Hwy
Cumming, GA 30028, US
Jessica Finley (Selohaar Fechtschule), author of "Medieval Wrestling, modern practice of a 15th century art" is leading this club in Free Home, GA. If you're interested in joining - send an email to:
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NYHFA Kingston
77 Cornell St
Room 116
Ulster County, NY 12401, US
The New York Historical Fencing Association is a school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). We teach the Kunst des Fechtens (arts of fighting) of medieval Germany as described in the various surviving manuscripts of the Liechtenauer tradition. Students learn how to fight with the medieval longsword, period grappling techniques and other weapons of the system.

The Kingston, NY branch holds Sunday classes at 77 Cornell Street (The Shirt Factory) Room 116 at 10:00AM-1:00PM.
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NYHFA Akademie des Heiligen Schwertes
520 8th Ave
16th Floor
New York County, NY 10018, US
Our approach to study is heavily focused on body mechanics, and emphasis is placed on drills (solo and paired). As students progress, an equal amount of emphasis will be placed on test-cutting and sparring. Ideally each type of practice (drilling, cutting, and sparring) should inform and validate one another: you spar the way you cut, you cut the way you drill, etc. Student and teacher alike should train earnestly and honestly, for to do anything less would be a disservice to the art.

– Tristan Zukowski, Sword Class NYC Lead Fencing Instructor

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Cedar Falls Park
501 Weaver Dairy Rd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Contact - Justine Moorman
The ARMA's effort focuses on the interpretation and legitimate reconstruction of European combat systems of the 14th-17th centuries as a modern discipline.
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Niagara School of Arms
Sparring and study group in the Niagara region. Currently studying Fiore, will expand to other weapons and systems.
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Antrim Stick Barrie
Simcoe County, ON, CA
Instructor: Kyle Giffin
Teaching: Irish stick fighting, pugilism
Facebook Link:
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Irish stick fighting club of Montreal
Montreal, QC, CA
Study group : Irish stick fighting club of Montreal
Study group leader: Max O'Leary
Teaching: Irish stick fighting
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Madison Meyer Freifechter Guild
Madison, WI, US
We are the first Wisconsin study group of the Meyer Freifechter Guild (

We are led by Region III Unterhauptmann Chris Vanslambrouck and Study Group Leader Eric Mains.
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MFFG - Champaign/Urbana
Ben Dietrich is current study group leader for Champaign/Urbana.
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MFFG - Tazewell Study Group
Pekin, IL, US
Study group leader is Brian Cox.
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MFFG - McLean Study Group
Bloomington, IL, US
Alan Burton leads this study group.
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The Guild Hall Study Group Savannah, GA (Schola Saint George)
615 Montgomery Street
savannah, ga
Study group practiceing currently mondays and fridays (Jan 2015)

Find us on Facebook at:!/groups/1490088574542313/

Contact Marshall
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HEMA Rochester
Rochester, MN, USA
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Dalhousie University/ Halifax Cateran Society
BAsket-hilted broadsword, targe, dirk, claymore, lochaber axes, grappling, pugilism and much more
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Emerald Coast Sword Guild
400 E 22nd Ave
Gulf Shores, AL 36542, US
The Emerald Coast Sword Guild "ECSG" focuses on the interpretation and legitimate reconstruction of Medieval and Renaissance combat systems as a modern discipline.We meet at Meyer Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
400 E 22nd Ave
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542
Feel free to come out and join us for practice, and also check out our FaceBook page under Enerald Coast Sword Guild.
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Keystone Academy of Dueling and Swordsmanship
, United States
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Swordwind is the Charlotte branch of the New York Historical Fencing Association. We practice the art of the longsword, following the early texts of the Liechtenauer tradition. We use historical technique, structured and free sparring, and test cutting to test and validate each aspect of our fencing. Beginner classes each Sunday from 2:00 to 3:00 by appointment; regular classes each Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00. Practices are normally held at Nevin Community Park, but please contact us to be kept abreast of location changes.

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Southwest Ohio Swordsman's Guild
This group is for those interested in learning the longsword. There are no true instructors in the group so it is currently a guided collaboration. Current primary books of study will be Meyer's Art of Combat, Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art of the Longsword, and Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 2: The Medieval Longsword. Email Frank and James at or click the group name at the top to be linked to our Facebook group.
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Grady's Family MMA
Clearwater, FL, US
Don Grady - hit title to link to website
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Pythagorean Pankratiom Club
Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Mike Carter
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Valhalla MMA
Sarasota, FL, US
Alrey Handrich, Leader. Hit title to link to website
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Black Wolf Historical Fencing Club
400 West Market Street
Danville, PA 17821, US
A group of independent scholars working together to learn, practice, and study the traditions of the German school of Longsword, grappling, staff, and sword and buckler. We also incorporate some elements of Italian school dagger and grappling. New members always welcome to attend! Text (570) 441-7039 or email Check out our web site at
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Blacksburg Blades

Blacksburg Blades is studying primarily German sources with the Liechtenauer school but supplements with Italian study material. Focus is primarily on longsword / greatsword but will be branching out into sword and buckler. Typical meeting time is on Saturday afternoons 3-5pm at VA Tech drill field. We are currently looking for enthusiastic practitioners to help lead classes or become officers within the club.
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Knoxville Academy of the Blade
Knoxville, TN, US
Sport Fencing, Lichtenauer Tradition, Bolognese and contemporary rapier, 18th c. British fencing.
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UWF Fencing Club: Salle McAfee
11000 University Pkwy
Pensacola, FL 32514, US
Rapier, smallsword, saber

Gym access has some restrictions.
Please contact club president ahead of time to make arrangements for participating.
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Tri-State Historical Fencing Club
134 Pike St.
Port Jervis, NY 12771, US
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Tidewater Renaissance Fighting Arts
2221 Centerville Turnpike
Virginia Beach, VA 23464, US
We study German Longsword, Dussack, Rappier, Staff, Spear, Pollaxe, Dagger, and Unarmed Combat primarily from Joachim Meyer, but also from Pascha, Petter, I.33, and the Rostock. Classes are Saturdays from 7pm to 10pm
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East Texas Society of Historical Fencing
We are a small group that is studying both Fiore and the German Traditions of long sword.
For information please contact me through our face book page.

or at
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Polaris Fellowship
31775 Grand River Ave
Farmington, MI 48336, US
Polaris Fellowship of Weapons Study is a martial arts school where community members support one another in their training. The school offers formal courses in hand weapons. Polaris also hosts activities such as open weapons practices, coaching sessions, self defense workshops, round table discussions about martial arts related topics, and a Summer Weapons Retreat. We welcome both experienced and beginning martial artists to attend our events and join our community. Polaris focuses on supporting each student’s individual path of personal growth in a martial arts and self defense context.
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John Stubbs
267 Lang St SE
Cleveland, TN 37311, US
Preferred studies:

Military saber
sword and buckler

(in descending order of interest)
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Ironwood Sword School
710 Front Rd
Kingston, ON K7M 4L5, CA
Ironwood Sword School focusses on the earlier part of the Leichtenauer tradition. We are an unarmoured group.
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Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association - Kenosha
Kenosha Chapter of The Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association.
Chapter Lead: James Reilly
Contact Info:
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Baer Swords School of Western Martial Arts
3801 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd
KCMO, MO 64130, US
The Baer Swords School is a place to study western martial arts, including long sword, broad sword, dagger, staff, and hand to hand combat techniques.

We train to participate in tournaments in the area and continue to improve our knowledge of the fighting arts as well as stay fit and have fun.
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Toledo Historical Swordsmanship Society
A newly founded study group in the Toledo Ohio Area. Currently working on German Longsword using Joachim Meyer. Plans are to study Longsword, Sword and Buckler, Dagger, Rapier, and much more.

We have a facebook group for meeting information located here:

Alternatively you can send me an email:
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Ottawa Sword Arts
Ottawa, ON, CA
Ottawa Sword Arts (OSA) is a martial arts group that is located in Canada's National Capital Region (NCR). We strictly train in historical European and Asian sword combat.

OSA uses a variety of sources from many masters including Joachim Meÿer, Fiore Furlano de'i Liberi de Cividale d'Austria, Philippo di Vadi Pisano, Hans Talhoffer, and uniquely uses a Haidong Gumdo training regime.

All of our current members of OSA have trained for over seven years. Our principle instructor has trained in sword arts for over 15 years. We participate in sporting events such as Longpoint which is one of the world's most important competitive Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) event.
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The Griffin Fechtschule
The first HEMA club at the College of William and Mary, The Griffin Fechtschule is a student run organization dedicated to the study of longsword, rapier, and many other period weapons/techniques.
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L'Arte Della Bellica
5371 Allentown Pike
Temple, PA 19560, US
A new stand alone group studying Fiore. Our focus is on Abrazare, Dagger, and Longsword.
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Central Arkansas Historical Fencing
5900 Rebsamen Park Rd
Little Rock, AR 72207, US
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Texas Armizare
Texas Armizare focuses on the German longsword tradition and also works in sword & buckler (1.33), staff, rapier, single stick, ringen and side sword.
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Halfmoon HEMA
1673 U.S. 9
NY 12065, US
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Accademia del Leone
Frisco, TX, US
Accademia del Leone (Academy of the Lion)
Instructors: Colin Hatcher (Fiore dei Liberi) and Ran Pleasant (1.33)
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Laurel City Historical Fencing
69 Rowley St
Winsted, CT 06098, USA
A branch of the Selohaar Fechtschule in Winsted, CT. Classes are Friday nights at 6:30 PM in the 'Green Building' behind the Rowley St playground. For more information, contact me at
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Bent Blades
Madison, WI, US
Bent Blades is a Liechtenauer study group. Led by Romana Shemayev.

For more information please join the group here:

Or join Madison HEMA Clubs here:

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Austin Historical Weapons Guild
2013 Wells Branch Parkway
Austin, TX 78728, US
Local group working from multiple sources. Primary focus on longsword with some experience in sword and buckler, grappling, and rapier.
Get in contact with us through our Facebook group: Austin Texas Longsword.
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Resurgam HEMA
85 Grant Street
Portland, ME 04101, US
Italian Tradition - focusing on the longsword teachings of Fiore supplemented with basic Abrazare and Daga as well as some material from Vadi. Meetings are held weekly every Saturday from 3-6pm in the Parkside Neighborhood Center.
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Pennsylvania Klopffechters
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815, United States
German longsword, Italian rapier, and other less European arts.
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The Vandalia Company
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MidSouth Fencing
125 N Gregson St
Durham, NC 27701, US
Olymic Saber/ Epee/ Foil
German Long Sword
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Thorn Grove Fencing
Eagan, MN, USA
Thorn Grove Fencing is a Fiore based study group based in Eagan, MN. We are led by Josias Arcadia.
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Minnesota Sword Club
4744 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407, US
We have been active for the passed 4 years and currently have classes 3 days a week. Feel free to look at our website or drop by and see what we are about.
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Chris Hick

515 770 5033
Long sword, Hook and Catch wrestling.
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Richmond KDF (xkdf network)
3015 Lafayette Ave
Richmond, VA 23228, US
Liechtenaur Tradition Longsword & Kunst des Fechtens, plus Saber, Dussack, and Messer.
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Central Iowa Historical Fencing Guild
1012 Oak Park Ave
Des Moines, IA 50313, US
Practices are Sundays 2pm, at McHenry Park. Message our Facebook page or email us at for more info.
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Armoured Company of the Sword
930 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON K1R 6R9, CA
The ACS trains in Armoured and Un-Armoured fighting with Longsword, Half-Sword, and Arming Sword. Our curriculum is derived from sources such as the Wurttemberg, Gladiatoria, Flos Duellatorum, and Codex Wallerstein.
We meet here Sunday mornings.
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Armoured Company of the Sword
1385 Woodroffe Ave
Ottawa, ON K2G 3G7, CA
The ACS trains in Armoured and Un-Armoured fighting with Longsword, Half-Sword, and Arming Sword. Our curriculum is derived from sources such as the Wurttemberg, Gladiatoria, Flos Duellatorum, and Codex Wallerstein.
We meet here Wednesday evenings.
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Cameron Oms
Just getting started studying, primarily German longsword, but I'm interested in more. My eamil is If you're near the area and need a partner, don't hesitate to ask.
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Michigan Mitten Longsword
Reach us through email at
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HEMA Historical European Martial Arts sword fighting study group

Currently focusing on the study of single handed weapons such as Scottish broadsword, English sabre, English backsword, Italian sidesword and more. Please join and contact us at for more info.
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Steelwind Fencing Academy
753 Park St
Jacksonville, FL 32204, US

The Steelwind Fencing Academy is a HEMA affiliated group that focuses on the study and mastering of Historical European martial arts. Our mission is too teach all those willing to learn the European Martial Arts in a safe, friendly and professional setting.

Sun: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Price Range


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Columbia Classical Fencing
Columbia, MO, USA
A classical French fencing club in Columbia, Missouri with an emphasis on foil, smallsword, & sabre.
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The Smallsword Project
A contextual repository for the study of the smallsword & its influence on classical fencing.
(view on the map)
The Sword Guild O'York
Roark Mitzell
York, PA
A Center for Classical Fencing and Paleo-Hoplology.

Our classical fencing Program is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the timeless art of swordplay.
(view on the map)
Palm Beach Classical Fencing
Kim Moser
West Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach Classical Fencing (PBCF) provides instruction at several locations in the West Palm Beach, FL area. PBCF, a traditional school, emphasizes a curriculum grounded in the classical and historical French school of fencing.
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Côte du Golfe School of Fencing
Naples, FL
The Côte du Golfe School of Fencing (CGSF) provides fencing instruction for Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Ft. Myers. CGSF, a traditional school, emphasizes a curriculum grounded in the classical and historical French school of fencing.
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Sword To Sword
1212A Cedar Post Ln
Houston, TX 77055, US
Sword to Sword is a top Historical European Martial Arts school with students who compete and place in international fighting competitions. Sword to Sword also co-hosts the Purpleheart Armoury Open, one of the largest HEMA events in North America.
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Great Plains Sword & BBQ
Irving, TX 75062, USA
Meets several Saturdays per month in Irving and Grand Prairie. We are a casual group pitched to interested non-athletes who want to add training into their schedules rather than adopt HEMA practice as their sole or primary hobby. There is no charge for study and required equipment is kept as inexpensive as possible. Classes have a very strong emphasis on injury avoidance and agility-development.

Basic instruction is in Hungarian military sabre and fokos, with Montante expected to be added in late 2016. Instruction with other armed and unarmed forms by arrangement.

Meeting location varies based on weather: look up the "Great Plains Sword & BBQ" group on Facebook for current contact info. Lessons are for teens and adults but we always meet at local parks with playgrounds for those who need a kid-friendly venue.

Loose sister affiliates in Kansas and Illinois which are more specialized - query for information on the Facebook group.
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4514 Tyus-Carrollton Rd
Carrollton, GA 30117

Location: Tyus Baptist Church Community Center
Primary Focus: German Longsword
Secondary Focus: Pan-European WMA
Schedule: 9AM-12PM weekly on Saturdays
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Historical Fencing Club at Cornell
Teagle Classroom
512 Campus Road
Ithaca, NY 14850, USA
Tiffany Ho
The Historical Fencing Club at Cornell meets on Mondays and Thursdays 8:30-10pm at the Teagle classroom on Cornell campus.

We are currently studying Capoferro's rapier. No experience is needed, and loaner gear can be provided. The practices focuses on drills, with some sparring at the end.
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Black Falcon School of Arms - Great Plains
Kansas branch of the Black Falcon School of Arms. Our main focus is to re-construct the art of late medieval and early Renaissance English combat as exemplified by primary texts dated between the early 15th and early 17th centuries, with possible reference to later sources or those of other countries of origin if applicable.
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Sword Art Training
55 E Green Ridge Rd SE
Cartersville, GA 30121, US
We are a friendly group with a range of experience who train regularly in armed and unarmed martial arts. We primarily are focused on historical weaponry specifically swords but try to practice a wide range of martial systems. Anyone interested please email Joshua Boole at
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Jacob Furlo
3300 E Deerfield Rd
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, US
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Sword Carolina Online

Just getting into HEMA and having trouble finding a HEMA club near you? Starting a HEMA Club and need some guidance? We are here to help you become the Hero in your life.
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Tampa Bay Fencers
Northdale Recreation Center
15550 Spring Pine Drive
Tampa, FL 33624, USA
Tampa Bay Fencers is dedicated to the application of the universal practical swordplay techniques that can be applied to individuals' fencing pursuits in martial arts, sport, fitness, historical study, reenactment and stage.
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School of Blades
1950 US-45
Libertyville, IL 60048, US
Sabre, Rapier, Stick, Tomahawks, Machetes, Knives, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA.
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email: TMcG8706(at)Gmail
Longsword mainly,
(view on the map)
Maritime Sword School
45 Spring Park Rd
Charlottetown, PE C1A 3X7, CA
We study German longsword, I.33 sword and buckler, ringen, saber, and dagger. We build our curricilums from multiple sources from Liechtenauer to WW1 trench combat.

We are Atlantic Canada's largest HEMA school and we're dedicated exclusively to high-level practice and professional instruction.

We are currently building and training a regional fight team for representation at tournaments.
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Open Practice Partner
I'm looking for a nearby practice partner. I have a Pan European background but open to other things. My primary interests are historical sword, dagger, axe, and wrestling/grappling.

10+ years HEMA experience.
30+ years martial arts experience.
Any skill level welcome.

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Michigan HEMA Association
Michigan (and near by)
The Michigan HEMA Association's (MHA) goal is to bring the Historical European Martial Arts community in Michigan together by sharing information, hosting events and training.

For more information and a list of some of the participating groups, see the description section in the following:
Michigan HEMA Association
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Drum KDF
Looking for training partners for informal KDF study. I've been training for 2 years and just moved to Watertown. Longsword and spear.

Contact at
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MEMAG Bucks County
345 Newtown Richboro Rd
Richboro, PA 18954
We are the Bucks County branch of the Medieval European Martial Arts Guild. Our focus is German longsword. Beginners welcome, no experience necessary.

Class time: Friday 6:30-8:30 PM

(view on the map)
HEMA Lexington
4001 Athens Boonesboro Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40509, United States

Open practice on Saturdays, 2:00PM-4:00PM, in Jacobson Park next to shelter 6.

Casual HEMA practice focused on the Lichtenauer and Liberi schools of longsword fighting.
(view on the map)
Bold City Longsword
1540-6 Monument Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32225, US
Bold City Longsword is a HEMA club and study group that focuses on German Longsword in Jacksonville FL.
Monday: Open Study 4:30pm to 7pm.
Tuesday and Friday: Longsword Drill 7pm to 8:30pm
Sunday: Longsword Drill 4pm to 6pm
Contact us at