L Apartment

Greenwich Street Hotel

636 Greenwich St
New York City, NY, USA
Coming from Milan, New York City wasn't quite as imposing as it might have been. I Lived and working in NYC's Greenwich village for a summmer. I was living with an interesting cast of characters while I worked up by Grand Central Station as an intern at a private investment company (didn't like it very much). After this it was back to school for my senior year. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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Homer Ave, Palo Alto

Palo Alto, CA, USA
Man, college was a picnic compared to the first three months of the real world! I lived here for about three months, desperately seeking a job in Silicon Valley. Eventually my joblessness wore thin on my roommate and my wallet and I packed up and moved down the street to a less expensive apartment. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, 94115 USA
I lived in a flat in Lower Pacific Heights for almost 3 years after a debacle trying to live by myself here. After so much time in one location it was time to move on. So I moved in with the girlfriend down in North Beach. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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My Apartment In Milan

Viale Monza
Milan, , Italy
I definitely recommend going abroad while in college. I am not sure if this is precisely where I lived but I was somewhere around this location in Milan for about 5 months, studying abroad. I think this is where I was living (Viale Monza), although I am really not exactly sure. From here it was on to the other fashion capital of the world, NYC. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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My First Apartment

Claremont, CA, USA
After two years on campus, it was time for a little more freedom, so I lived off campus my junior year of college in my first apartment. Really it was nothing special, but it was my first quasi-taste of the real world. I would have a much more significant taste, though, when I went abroad to Italia! [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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North Beach, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, 94133 USA
Although I loved my apartment in Lower Pacific Heights, this one is working out pretty well too. This is my current home, tucked beneath Russian Hill in San Francisco, just below the curvy part of Lombard st and a few blocks from the heart of North Beach. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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Senior Apartments

Claremont, CA, USA
After coming back to school from NYC for my Senior year I lived in the Senior Apartments. Graduation quickly came around and I was off to Silicon Valley to start my career. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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Van Ness, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA, USA
From one bad situation to another... I forget the exact address, but I tried living here by myself when I first moved out to San Francisco. Didn't work out well. I just didn't enjoy living alone and moved down the street just three months later. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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L House

Monsen Road, Concord MA

Concord, MA, 1742 USA
I grew up in Concord, MA. It is a very historic, small town. I lived a couple of miles outside the center of town near Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. I basically lived here until college. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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The Shack By The Highway

Palo Alto, CA, USA
After Homer Ave I moved in with 3 other guys in a very rundown apartment just off the 101. It was about as minimal as it gets, but it was cheap for Palo Alto. I didn't last long here before moving up into the city. [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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L Dormitory

Boswell Dormitory, Claremont McKenna College

Claremont, CA, USA
After 18 years in small town USA I was definitely looking forward to college! This was my freshman year dormitory. I spent a lot of time sitting out on the porch in the beautiful southern California weather and met a lot of great friends here. I actually lived here my sophomore year too, just on the other side of the building. Then, sick of the dorms, I moved off campus my junior year [Zoom In] [Zoom Out]
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Places I Have Lived

This is a map of all the places in the world I have lived for some extended period of time. It is also a sample community for CommunityWalk.

It is a good example of using the special functions in the descriptions for each location. In this community it allows me to walk people through a timeline or story of sorts that describes each place I have lived in, in chronological order. So, let's get started with the house I grew up in in Concord, MA and we'll end it with my current apartment.

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