L Plazas

Beauty Plaza by SF Inst. of Esthetics & Cosmetology

1067 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA, 94103 US
As part of Public Architecture's Folsom Street Sidewalk Plaza mockup, the SFIEC creates a Beauty Plaza!
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Bike Plaza by Road Rage Bikes

1063 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA, 94103 US
As part of Public Architecture's Folsom Street mockup, Road Rage Bikes and the SF Bike Coalition create the Bike Plaza!
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Brainwash Plaza by Brainwash Cafe

As part of Public Architecture's Folsom Street Sidewalk Plaza mockup, Brainwash Cafe creates the Brainwash Plaza. This plaza will eventually be the first permanent Sidewalk Plaza on Folsom Street!
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Dog Park Plaza by Cliff Lowe Associates

1211 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA,
As part of Public Architecture's Folsom Street Sidewalk Plaza mockup, Cliff Lowe Associates creates a dog park in front of Public Architecture!
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Muscle Plaza by A Taste of Leather

As part of Public Architecture's Folsom Street Sidewalk Plaza mockup, A Taste of Leather creates a Muscle Plaza!
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I Entertainment

PARK(ing) Day After Party at David Baker + Partners Architects!

461 Second Street
loft 127
San Francisco, CA, 94107
At David Baker + Partners amazing loftspace!

- Images of the day!
- Beer!
- Veggie sushi
- Valet bike parking!

come on by to trade stories!

6:30 - 9:30 PM
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L Parks

PARK by CC Puede

Noon - 2 PM
NE Corner of Cesar Chavez & MIssion.

Join us for a health clinic, produce stand and BBQ!

For more info or to help, contact Rosi at 415-425-1728.
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"999 Bottles of Beer in a Wall" By EDAW | AECOM

Thousands of glass bottles will be stacked in cages, and arranged (and rearranged) throughout the day, evoking the filtered views, spatial arrangement and "tending" aspects of parks and gardens!

In SF Supervisor Ross Mirikarimi's parking space!

Beverages (non-alcoholic) will be served to help build up the bottle collection!

And at night, special lighting turns the park into a giant lite-bright!

Bottles donated byIl Fornaio, Peir 23, Fog City Diner, Cafe Flora, Kitty's and more!

Noon to 8 PM~!
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"Baby You Can Park My Drive" by Moe Beitiks and Julie Walker

Free fruit for all!

This park is a specially-designated place for local fruit vehicles, where folks can get a workout on a stationary bike chasing after the spectre of unsustainable fruit.

There will be a little lounge area and free fruit for all!

12 Noon to 5 PM~!
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128th Hole by Buder Enger and Friends

128 King St
San Francisco, CA, 94107 US
Buder Engel and Friends will assemble and display a putting green for public use and enjoyment!

9 AM to 5:30 PM~!
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Amusement PARK by Miles Epstein

With gentle games of skill and surprise!

Open Noon to 3 PM.
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Art PARK by Russell Pritchard

568 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA, 94102 US
I will be laying sod, placing bamboo trees and installing Art Totems by local artist Greg Dunham.

A park with FREE ART, if only for one day!!

I will be encouraging people visiting the park to email our mayor and/or our supervisors to request/demand free art in our city parks!
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Balance Garden by dharmaspace

A pilates station, a massage station and a health station, as well as places to sit and contemplate balanced, happy living!

created by:
dharmaspace pilates center
mochi massage
taumed virtual health community
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BAYA's Backyard PARK

Pier 28 on the Embarcadero

BAYA (Bay Area Young Architects) will be creating a backyard BBQ on the Embarcadero.

3 PM until 8 PM~!
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Beach Parking; The Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association

Come contemplate the marine sanctuary and learn how what we do on land affects the ocean- and that includes parking!

Beach chairs and birds!

1 PM to 3 PM~!
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Bike Kitchen DIY Bike Repair PARK

Come by and the Bike Kitchen pit crew will help you help your bike. We'll have wrenches and loads of advice available all day!

11 AM to 3 PM~!
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Bocce in the PARK by Ritual

Bocce at Ritual Cafe, 1026 Valencia Street

10 AM to 7 PM~!
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Cole Street Festival Intro by Jenn Farrington & Danny Ronen

726 Cole St
San Francisco, CA, 94117 US
Come on by and spend some time outdoors, enjoy some snacks and bring some to share, pretend like you're in the Old Country and watch the local shuffle as you relax in our urban oasis.

We will turn our little area into our own mini-fair of sorts, so you don't have to be impatient, waiting for the Cole Street Festival to begin.

If you have a salt-n-pepper bushy moustache, you might be required to bring espresso with you in your own little tiny cup.

10 AM to 3 PM~!

Jenn's the green thumb in the family and has nurtured a barren and dry Cole Valley yard into a veritable jungle of tropical plants and succulents.

Danny Ronen just likes to throw the garden parties.
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Community Garden by Alemany Farm and San Francisco Parks Trust

Join us for FREE workshops from 12 to 3 PM that teach you how to:
start your own community garden;
install sidewalk gardens;
start a community group;
connect with Alemany Farm – the City’s only urban farm

Come and rest your feet, sip some lemonade and enjoy a bit of the country in the City!

9 AM to 4 PM~!
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Composting PARK by the SF Dept. of the Environment

11 Grove St
San Francisco, CA, 94102 US
Free compost and kitchen compost pails!

9 AM to 5 PM~!
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Curbed SF: Parking Chickens

530 3rd St
San Francisco, CA, 94107 US
A PARK focusing on sustainable agriculture!

A lawn, two chickens in an Eglu (a chicken house with a netted run)!

In collaboration with Ethicurean.com!

10 AM-3 PM~!
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DB+P Street Garden Party and City Croquet Course + AFTER PARTY 6-9pm

white polos, skirts and slacks
picket fences, music, grass
a place for picnics
croquet wickets
trees and shade
topiary, tablecloths
the way to use a parking spot!

9 AM to 4 PM~!
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Dog Days/PARK by the Cossutius Colony of Alpha Rho Chi

Enjoy plump & delicious hot dogs (beef, turkey, or veggies) while relaxing in our lil' patch of green in front of the California College of the Arts.

Stop by for a cheap and yummy lunch!

8 AM to 3 PM in front of the California College of the Arts
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Dune Scrub Community PARK by McCall Design Group

6am – 3pm~!
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Fandango PARK

We are the Fandango Park!

9 AM to 5 PM~!
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Fine Dining with SFZero

At Church and Duboce
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Frankie's Garden

A Healing Garden created by the San Francisco Department of Public Works and the Recreation & Parks Department!

Open 12 noon to 3 PM
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Garden for the Environment Worm Composting Workshop

Come and relax on our 'worm bench'!

And while you're here, learn a little about the Garden, and worm composting!

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM~!
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Go WILD with the Presidio Native Plant Nursery!

Did you know that you have a National Park your city?

Did you know that the United Nations considers the wild areas of San Francisco to be as biologically important as Brazil’s Amazon Rainforests?

Come experience a little bit of wild nature in the middle of downtown.

Relax in the company of local indigenous plants and learn about the unique species that live and grow in San Francisco.

Vuelva salvaje con la Presidio Native Plant Nursery.

Usted sabÌa que tiene un Parque Nacional su ciudad? SabÌa que las Naciones Unidas consideran las reas naturales de San Francisco ser tan importantes biolgicamente como las selvas tropicales de la Amazonia Brasil?

Venga a disfrutar de un poco de la naturaleza salvaje en el centro de la ciudad.

Reljese en un ambiente de plantas indÌgenas locales y aprenda de las especies nicas que viven y crezcan en San Francisco!

1 PM to 3 PM~!
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Great Places in PARKing Spaces: Re-envisioning Cities

Created by UC Berkeley graduate transportation planning and engineering students.

11 AM to 1 PM~!

Contact: Karen Frick - kfrick@berkeley.edu
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HOOPARK! by Ariane Conrad

On Noe Street btwn Market and Beaver.

HOOPARK will have a number of hula hoops, and folks will be both hooping and offering hooping lessons!

11 AM to 3 PM~! (maybe till 5...)
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KoanPARK by Electric Works

130 8th St
San Francisco, CA, 94103 US
By Judith Selby Lang

Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, the KoanPark in front of Electric Works will be made entirely from recycled materials.

Our garden will be a place for contemplation. Chairs will be available so folks can sit and ponder the everyday reality of the on-going rush of traffic and the proverbial koan:

What is the sound of one car parking?

The bridge constructed from foam packaging from shipping containers for consumer electronics will arch over a blue koi pond made from the New York Times newspaper bags and Nordstorm’s shopping bags.

The ruffle of bright red leaves on the Japanese Maple was once red plastic sheeting that was tied as bows to decorate the holiday trees along the Miracle Mile in San Anselmo.

The white “sand” surrounding the “rocks” is white plastic shopping bags gathered onto mono-filament line.

The “rocks” are black plastic fishing floats that were found washed up on Kehoe Beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore.
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Leaves of Grass: A Literary PARK(ing) Space

Reading lounge, children's story hours, Haiku Hut, bookmaking, and more!

By Emily Drennen & Lindasusan Ulrich
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Mercy Housing/Art House PARK

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Overdue: A Streetside Library PARK

Kick off your shoes and stretch out on the sod while enjoying a selection of urban-environment related reading material~!

By Lawrence Cuevas, Dina Dobkin, Greg Rodgers
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PARK at Zipcar

171 2nd St
San Francisco, CA, 94105 US
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PARK by Friends of the Urban Forest

1745 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA, 94103 US
At Rainbow Grocery
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PARK by Interstice Architects

3443 26th St
San Francisco, CA, 94110 US
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM~!
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PARK by Leah Korican & Mary V. Marsh

In front of SFMOMA
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PARK by Livable City

San Francisco, CA, 94110 US
Come live in the Livable City!

10 AM to 2 PM~!
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PARK by Lutsko Associates

Lutsko Associates Landscape Architecture
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PARK by Michael Borden

137 Scott St
San Francisco, CA, 94117 US
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PARK by SF Bike Coalition & Fix Masonic

Fix Masonic Street!
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PARK by Station 40

directions Directions

PARK by The Trust for Public Land

PARK includes a place to sit and a free wireless Internet connection!
From TPL, the National PARK(ing) Day Partner!
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PARK by UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture Students

1:30 to 1:30 PM
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PARK by Van Meter Williams Pollack

PARK by Van Meter Williams Pollack
18 De Boom Street First Floor
San Francisco CA 94107
directions Directions

PARK by Volume21 + Friends

1111 8th St
San Francisco, CA, 94107-2247 US
8AM - 3 PM, valises, pouring casts, making skins.
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PARK Space by HVNA

By the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association
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PARK(ing) Paradise by Robin Levitt

Featuring a sandy beach with a swimming pool, plastic, pink flamingos, lounge chairs, palm trees and other gizmos!

Noon to 3 PM~!
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Petro PARK(ing) - Acid Blue by Charlie Milgrim & Tim West

In front of SFMOMA
directions Directions

Pets rock! Sustainable Pet Design & Chris "Tormented Genius" Isner

A greenroof doghouse and a live sculptor in a setting of native plants and reclaimed materials.

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
directions Directions

Planktown Neighborhood PARK by WRT

12 Noon to 2 PM
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Postage Stamp PARK by Gretchen Till and William Oren

Amidst the fine branches of bamboo stalks, take time out to reflect and send your thoughts with pen and paper.


Watch the mail carrier take away your letter if you're on time!

1 PM to 3 PM~!
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Public Living Room by Field Paoli Architects

101 California St
San Francisco, CA, 94111 US
We are living, we are downtown, we are focused and hurried, many of us are walking, crossing the streets, dodging vehicles driving around frantically looking for a parking spot.

Downtown is dense, it is meant to be dense, this is what makes it a downtown.

There should be room, however, for people to enjoy their experience downtown.

Shared space. Room to breathe, to interact with your community.

Room to live.

11:30 AM to ?
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Southern Park(ing) Hospitality

216 Church St
San Francisco, CA, 94114 US
Built by local urban planners and designers!

9 AM to 3 PM~!
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Sustainable Rooftop Garden by SF Dept of Public Health

By the SF Dept of Public Health Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability!

See the display of a sustainable rooftop garden, featuring a bicycle powered blender to make healthy and energy efficient smoothies!

9 AM to 3 PM~!

Cynthia Comerford Scully
Sr Environmental Health Planner
San Francisco Dept. of Public Health
1390 Market Street, Suite 822
San Francisco, CA 94102
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The Quad at New College

766 Valencia Street
SF, CA, 94110 US
Free Store, Readings, Zines, Interactive Art, and More!

11 AM to 4 PM~!
directions Directions

Zen PARK by PGAdesign Staff

444 17th St
Oakland, CA, 94612 US
10 AM to 3 PM~!
directions Directions

Zonal PARK

568 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA, 94102 US
By Russell Pritchard
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PARK(ing) Day 2007

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