Afton FFA

Afton, New York, 13730 US
Afton FFA is starting a recycling program. Environmental Science students will take the lead in educating the school community. The FFA chapter will take the lead in organizing, maintaining, and monitoring the recycling program at Afton Central School.
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Atlanta FFA

Atlanta, Missouri, 63530 US
The Atlanta FFA chapter will be presenting information to elementary students on tornado and fire safety, to high school students on home disaster preparedness and fire safety as well as prepare disaster buckets for each of the classrooms and offices in the school system.
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Bermudian FFA

York Springs, Pennsylvania, 17372 US
Bermudian FFA is developing a fire safety program to keep families in the school district's two communities safer. Workshops to educate families about fire safety will be provided before fire alarms are distributed and installed.
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Broadway FFA

Broadway, Virginia, 22815 US
Broadway FFA is teaching the community about composting and helping them build compost bins in order to reduce the amount of yard and food waste that will end up in landfills.
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Centralia FFA

Centralia, Missouri, 65240 US
Centralia FFA is purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be placed in the Agriculture and Technical Science Building. The agriculture students will be educated about hearth health and the use of AEDs.
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Clarksburg-Delta FFA

Clarksburg, California, 95612 US
The Delta FFA will be designing a website, which will have videos and pictures available to the public about environmental responsibility. Community Walks will be able to download these pictures and/or videos to learn about the environment around the community.
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Clifton Ridge Middle School FFA

Macon, Georgia, 31211 US
Clifton Ridge FFA is creating a school wide composting of school meal waste to provide quality soil amendments for various school and community garden projects working with a number of community partners. Informational and educational meetings will be conducted to share methods and techniques for home composting.
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Darlington County Institute of Technology FFA

Darlington, South Carolina, 29532 US
The Darlington County Institute of Technology is working with the local Soil and Water Conservation District to bring back a species of trees that has not been in the area for more than forty years.
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Deary FFA

Deary, Idaho, 83823 US
Deary FFA is going to put on a Native Plant importance workshop for the communities Whitepine School District serves. We will be showcasing the importance of native plants in drought, fire cycles, and habitat restoration.
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Deming FFA

Deming, New Mexico, 88030 US
The Deming FFA members are building and installing 5 bee houses and planting flowers to improve areas for bees to survive in southern New Mexico. FFA members will do presentations to local elementary classes about bee stewardship. Fliers will be developed and distributed about bee stewardship at state park and county fair.
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Flandreau FFA

Flandreau, South Dakota, 57028 US
The Flandreau FFA is expanding the recycling program at the elementary, middle, and high school. Chapter members used grant funds to purchase the collection and storage bins in order to gather up to 25,000 pounds of recyclables per year.
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Frank H Peterson FFA

Jacksonville, Florida, 32210 US
The Peterson FFA will create a school wide plan to re-purpose paper towels at the school. In addition, the Peterson FFA will invent a coloring book to present to elementary students as well as a brochure to give to the community about composting.
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Frederick CTC FFA

Frederick, Maryland, 21702 US
Frederick CTC FFA will be growing and giving native pollinator friendly plants to local gardeners of all ages to improve habitat for local honey bee populations.
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Granite Mountain FFA

Salt Lake City, Utah, 84115 US
Granite Mountain FFA is partnering with West Valley City to create a wetland area for the community. In addition the partnership will hold community workshops on the importance of wetlands and how to preserve them in the education centers housed near the wetland property.
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Granton FFA

Granton, Wisconsin, 54436 US
Granton FFA is creating a district-wide initiative to promote sustainability through composting and recycling. Through this initiative we will purchase recycling bins to be placed in every classroom and have composting bins to be used by the lunch program. We will have posters in classrooms educating students about sustainability practices.
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Guymon FFA

Guymon, Oklahoma, 73942 US
Guymon Ag Ed/FFA is in the process of changing the habits that do not exemplify a conservation mind set through education. They are starting a natural resource recycling program in their school that will continue out into our community. In hopes to cut down waste when it could be reused!
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Hamilton County FFA

Jasper, Florida, 32052 US
Hamilton County FFA is engaged in a recycling project/program that includes virtually all segments of our community. These include school-generated waste, ag farm generated waste and both private and business generated waste that will be collected, mixed and processed by conventional and experimental methods.
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James River FFA

Buchanan, Virginia, 24066 US
James River FFA created emergency readiness kits for 100 low income families in their community. Kits included emergency food, flashlights, water, and signaling devices that could be utilized in the event of a weather emergency.
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Johnson County Central FFA

Tecumseh, Nebraska, 68450 US
Johnson County Central FFA is designing a pollinator garden to build awareness of importance of bees to agriculture. The Chapter will utilize the garden as they teach Pre-School through 12th graders the bee curriculum.
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Lennox Sundstrom FFA

Lennox, South Dakota, 57039 US
The Lennox Sundstrom FFA Chapter is taking a walk with nature by establishing a nature trail into the natural areas located directly behind the school. Students and community members will have the opportunity to experience our natural environment, and learn about its key components at the same time.
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Lenoir City FFA Chapter

Lenoir City, Tennessee, 37772 US
Lenoir City FFA is cleaning up and revamping the Lenoir City Wetlands Outdoor Classroom Area. FFA members will hold educational sessions to teach students about their environment and wetlands/wildlife conservation.
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Liberty County High School FFA

Hinesville, Georgia, 31313 US
The Liberty County High School FFA will be creating Emergency "Go Bags" for use in emergency situations. Bags could be distributed to classrooms if our location were used as an evacuation site, but they could also be sent to nearby disaster locations to be given to families in need.
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Lubbock-Cooper FFA

Lubbock, Texas, 79423 US
Lubbock-Cooper FFA will educate local students on the rapid pace at which landfills are reaching maximum capacity and landscaping effectiveness due to water restrictions. FFA members will hold workshops at local schools to teach kids how to compost and plant native water resistant plants.
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Miami East-MVCTC FFA

Casstown, Ohio, 45312 US
Miami East FFA is taking on the task of improving the environment through collecting tires for recycling, volunteering to clean-up the homes and farms of elderly in their community, testing water and soil for community members to prevent health concerns, and offering a bee health course.
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Miami East-MVCTC FFA

Casstown, Ohio, 45312 US
The Miami East FFA Chapter is creating an IDEA program where FFA members will Identify what is needed during a natural disaster, Educate community members about being prepared through 12 public service announcements, and assemble emergency readiness kits for 20 impoverished families in the community.
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Middletown FFA

Middletown, Maryland, 21769 US
Middletown FFA is implementing a composting project in order to cut back on school waste and utilize compost for a future school garden and for community members. We will also educate the school and community on the benefits of composting.
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Mission Valley FFA

Eskridge, Kansas, 66423 US
Mission Valley FFA is applying their strengths in the shop and environmental education to help community members conserve water for gardening. Students will construct 40 rain barrels that will be able to collectively hold and store 8.8 tons of water.
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Montague FFA

Montague, Michigan, 49437 US
Montague FFA is creating an environmental awareness plan to help address the demand for pollinators in the fruit and vegetable production industry in their community. FFA members are creating health check kits and giving demonstrations on keeping bees happy and healthy by establishing pollinator gardens.
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Mooresville FFA

Mooresville, Indiana, 46158 US
The Mooresville FFA chapter will bring life back to their school grounds by creating a native vegetation garden to attract wildlife and human activity within the area. The FFA chapter members will conduct research on native vegetation, wildlife, and human usage while additionally teaching lessons to other students.
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Mount Dora FFA

Mt Dora, Florida, 32757 US
Mount Dora FFA is Reducing, Reusing, Recycling in their community. The Chapter will educate our Lake County Students and families to improve our environment by reducing the amount of trash going into landfills, recycling school and family waste materials, and reusing kitchen scraps for compost.
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Mt. Vernon FFA

Mt Vernon, Illinois, 62864 US
The Mt. Vernon FFA is looking to start a new tradition on a new campus by encouraging the student body to think about their environmental footprint. FFA members will collect and recycle paper used across campus and educate students and staff on ways to reduce their individual impact.
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New Smyrna Beach High School FFA

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 32168 US
The Gambusia Production project is producing Gambusia fish as an aquatic biological control of potential disease carrying mosquito larva and as a protein source for aquatic species raised in the FFA Aquaculture Lab. The chapter will provide various educational outreach opportunities for students and the community.
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Northern Burlington FFA

8022 New Jersey Ave
Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, 8022 US
The Northern Burlington FFA will be creating a Bee/Pollinator Health Project to promote awareness and increase the habitat of bees/native pollinators by creating gardens, building and installing nesting sites, informing the community about the economic/environmental value of healthy pollinators, and creating DIY pollinator kits for the community at home.
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Pine Valley FFA

South Dayton, New York, 14138 US
The Pine Valley FFA is creating a school-wide composting site to collect waste from the school's cafeterias. Composted material will be used to fertilize community gardens and provide the district with soil amendments. By reducing food wastes others will see the importance of composting and start similar projects at home.
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Raft River FFA

Malta, Idaho, 83342 US
Raft River FFA is sponsoring CPR certification for school staff and emergency preparedness information for the community. The chapter will hold educational seminars for the school staff and community. They will provide supplies and instruction for putting emergency kits together to be utilized by families and school officials.
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South Johnston FFA

Four Oaks, North Carolina, 27524 US
South Johnston High School FFA is implementing an animal waste management plan to include composting of manure. A fall community event will be held to promote agricultural awareness and composting education throughout the local community.
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South Winneshiek FFA

Calmar, Iowa, 52132 US
South Winneshiek FFA is creating school wide emergency preparedness kits to ensure classrooms are properly equipment with emergency and first aid materials in the event of an emergency. We will hold emergency kits making workshops, speakers and educational materials for community members.
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Spencer-Van Etten FFA

Spencer, New York, 14883 US
S-VE FFA is creating a district-wide composting system that will cut down on 50% of the district's food waste and utilize a "Leaf Drive" to secure brown material. Members will teach workshops to middle school students and adults about the importance of reducing food waste.
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Stratford FFA

Stratford, Wisconsin, 54484 US
Stratford FFA is partnering with their local village Tree Advisory Board and many educational partners to promote hands-on environmental learning opportunities for families and students in their community, as well as a lending library. In addition, will be implementing a maple syrup learning series for our 4th graders.
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Sullivan FFA

Sullivan, Indiana, 47882 US
Sullivan FFA members are learning about asian bush honeysuckle and implementing an invasive species control plan for the wooded area at their Ag Education Center. Upon successfully controlling this invasive species, FFA members will host a workshop to educate landowners about asian bush honeysuckle and how to control it.
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Sunny Hills High School FFA

Fullerton, California, 92833 US
Sunny Hills FFA is creating a school-wide recycling and sustainable initiative to encourage students to recycle and use reusable cups on campus. In addition, the chapter will start a recycling SAE group to help manage take initiative of this project. These students will help educate students, teachers, and community.
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West Ouachita High School FFA

West Monroe, Louisiana, 71292 US
West Ouachita FFA is continuing and expanding it's community-based recycling initiative. This project seeks to educate and enrich our community by promoting a collaborative, community-based recycling initiative while educating students and the community of the importance of recycling.
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Westwood FFA

Sloan, Iowa, 51055 US
The Westwood FFA's "B4 Program" will be used to educate the community about the importance of Bees, Bats, Butterflies and Birds in the production of our food supply. Brochures, houses and seed packets will be distributed to local residents to help increase the populations of each of these species.
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2016 LTS: Environmental and Emergency Preparedness Grants

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