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Located in Alta Val di Susa at an altitude of 1,312 metres, Bardonecchia is the Olympic competition venue with the greatest population throughout the mountain range (over 3,000 inhabitants).

It will host the men's and women's parallel giant slalom competition during the Winter games; men’s and ladies' half pipe; men's and ladies' snowboard cross.

NOTE: The snowboard venue is at Melezet even though the map shows Bardonecchia farther north.
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Cesana Pariol

NOTE: This marker may not be precisely accurate.

The area is a destination for tourists both in the winter season as well as the summer season for its snow-covered slopes that are linked to the Via Lattea and for the many trekking routes that criss-cross the sides of the mountains.
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Cesana San Sicario

The Cesana San Sicario facility, which will host the biathlon competitions, is located in an enchanting and strategic position overlooking a hamlet of ancient and solid sporting traditions.
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Oval - Lingotto

The Speed Skating oval will be built in Turin, near the Olympic Village. The start of construction is planned for July 2003, the facility will be built from scratch and consist of a huge, covered multi-purpose building. The building will be equipped with a refrigerated ice track measuring approximately 180 x 68 metres.

Capacity: 8,000 spectators

Men's 500m, 1,000m, 1,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m
Women's 500m, 1,000m, 1,500m, 3,000m, 5,000m
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Palasport Olimpico

The Torino 2006 Winter Olympics Ice hockey will be hosted in the Palasport Olimpico situated near the historic Stadio Comunale (City Stadium) and the Torino Esposizioni venue.
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Also: Figure Skating

Figure Skating and Short-Track Speed Skating will take place in the Palavela, in the southeast section of Turin. This building, designed for the "Italia 61" exhibition in celebration of the first 100-year anniversary of the unification of Italy, will be renovated before the Games. The main round structure is 150 metres in diameter and supported only by three cornerstones.

Capacity: 9,000 spectators

Figure Skating: Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Pairs, Ice Dancing
Short-Track Speed Skating: Men's 500m, 1,000m, 1,500m, 5,000m relay
Women's 500m, 1,000m, 1,500m, 3,000m relay
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Pinerolo Ice Skating Rink

This is not the exact location of the ice skating rink.

Pinerolo is located at the point in which Val Lemina and Val Pellice join Val Chisone. The ice rink in Pinerolo is adjacent to the railway station and to the city's academic district.
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Also: Cross-Country Skiing - Ski Jumping - Nordic Combined

Pragelato will host all the Nordic skiing events: the cross-country skiing - which is quite common amongst the locals - in Plan, the ski jumping in Rivets and the nordic combined, which will be held in both of these venues.
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San Sicario Fraiteve

Note: This marker may not be precisely accurate.

Alpine Skiing - Downhill, Super-G, Combined (women's)

This summer and winter resort, which was established in the seventies, is one of the most modern skiing resorts of the region. Located at the centre of the ski slopes known as the Via Lattea, it is linked to Sestriere and Sauze d’Oulx by rapid ski-lift facilities.
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Sauze d'Oulx

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century Sauze d'Oulx has been the exclusive destination for the Torino aristocracy, with its famous winter resort Sportinia and is still a skiing favourite because of its natural location.
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The Alpine Skiing facilities are located at Sestriere in the Province of Turin. The competitions will take place at altitudes ranging between 2,020 and 2,800 metres.

Capacity: 15,000 spectators

Men's Super-G; Downhill, Downhill/Slalom Combined, Giant Slalom, Slalom
Women's Giant Slalom, Slalom, Slalom Combined
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Torino Esposizioni

One of the two ice hockey rinks has been set up inside the Torino Esposizioni fair pavilion, and will host some of the Torino 2006 Olympic ice hockey events.
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L Ceremonies / Activities

Olympic Village

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Piazza delle Medaglie

55 out of the 84 medals ceremonies will take place at the Piazza delle Madaglie (Medals Plaza). A musical concert will follow the ceremony each night.

Note: There is excellent satellite imagery of this area. [Back To Map View]
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The Bardonecchia Olympic Village

The Bardonecchia Olympic Village includes the residential buildings that will accommodate athletes that will be competing in Bardonecchia, Sauze D'Oulx and Cesana Pariol.
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The Sestriere Olympic Village

The Sestriere Olympic Village is located in the heart of Sestriere, 2,000 metres above sea level and about 120 km away from Torino. Both the Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Sestriere. The Village will accommodate all the athletes and the staff for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: from February 10 to 26 and from March 10 to 19.

All Olympic Villages aim to ensure a secure, comfortable and stimulating environment to all the people that will be there during the Games, promoting a good social interaction and providing athletes with all they need to best prepare for the races.

The Sestriere Olympic Village includes 3 structures: the white towers (Club Med and Valtur), the town symbols, and a new residential complex named ‘Mariani’, built especially for the Olympic Winter Games. About 2,000 people among athletes, Olympic delegations, staff and volunteers will live in the Village. The structure is totally autonomous and will be able to offer all necessary service. During the Games, the Village will be operating 24 hours a day.

At the end of the Games the towers will return to their original function while the Mariani complex will be converted to residential use.

The Village in numbers:
75,000 sqm of total area
750 apartments in total
1,000 athletes will live in the Village
1,850 guests in total
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Torino Stadio Olimpico

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will take place in the Stadio Comunale in Turin, which will be renovated before the 2006 Olympic Winter Games.
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L Areas


The municipality of Cesana Torinese is the junction between Alta Valle Susa which goes up to Sestriere and the connecting point with the two Olympic Valleys, Susa and Chisone. Situated at an altitude of 1354m, it is subdivided into the following villages: Bousson, Désèrtes, Fénils, Mollierès, Solomiac, Thures, Champlas Seguin, Rhuilles, San Sicario Borgo, San Sicario Alto, Pra Claud.

At the foot of the mountain pass of Montgenevre and just a stone's throw from Sestriere, Cesana is a renowned tourist resort situated at the confluence with the Piccola Dora. It occupies the centre of the great skiing area of the Via Lattea in contact with the slopes on the Montgenevre through the lifts of the Monti della Luna and connected to Sestriere's skilifts through the slopes of the ski resort of Sansicario.

In the shade on the stately pyramid of the Chaberton, on whose peak (3,130 metres) at the end of an inaccessible route are the remains of the fort which hosted a powerful artillery battery, Cesana apart from the tourist services has a well kept historical centre which between the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries was magnificently restructured, around the Parish area of the Baptist in the heart of a very suggestive valley. Downstream, before the entrance to the village, on the state road 24, the charming village of Fenils and on he opposite bank of the Dora the Solomiac baita with the wonderful Casa Dipinta. On the road for Sestriere the beautiful natural balconies of Champlas Seguin can be admired.

In Cesana Torinese the following facilities can be found:

Cesana San Sicario
Cesana Pariol
San Sicario Fraiteve

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Pinerolo, 35,000 inhabitants and the second Olympic city, is approximately 50 km away from Torino and is the first Olympic outpost of Val Chisone, along which the venues Pragelato and Sestriere are located. The venue will host the men's and women's curling tournaments (Round Robin, semi-finals and finals). There are 3 sessions for each day of competition: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. 4 matches are played at the same time in each session.

Ice Skating Rink (Not Accurate)

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Turin is the Host City for the XX Olympic Winter Games which will be held from 10-26 February 2006.

Note: There is excellent satellite imagery of this area.
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L Transportation

Sandro Pertini International Airport

The Sandro Pertini International Airport of Torino Caselle is the official Torino 2006 airport. It is located just 16 km away from the city centre, which can easily be reached in approximately 30 minutes by a motorway linking up directly to the motorway network.

Note: There is excellent satellite imagery available of this area. [Back To Map View]
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Torino Winter Olympics

Map showing locations and pictures for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino. Much of the information on this map is from the Olympic website, www.olympic.org.

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