L Touring

February 4, 2001 King's Arms

Auckland, , New Zealand
As of March, 2006 the most recent NMH show was played here. It featured Jeff, along with Laura Carter and Chris Knox on various songs.
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40 Watt

Favorite hometown venue for the touring Athens bands.
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Aquarius Records, July 4, 1996

"Jeff played a much-bootlegged solo set at Aquarius Records, the Mission District independent shop that would prove especially supportive of the band. He began his set that day with the unreleased “Oh Comely
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Brownie's, April 28, 1996

Site of the first full line-up NMH performance, sharing the bill with Olivia Tremor Control.
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Horseshoe Tavern

July 29, 1998 - an iconic Elf Power/NMH gig
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Jittery Joe's (approx. former location)

"During early 1997, Lance Bangs was curating events in the back room of Jittery Joe’s, a Washington Street coffee house a few doors up from the 40 Watt. The space, which Lance informally called The Starlit Crypt, hosted spoken word readings, film projections and the occasional free live performance. On March 7 [Jeff's "Live at Jittery Joe’s" was recorded]. Jeff’s performance, which Lance documented in a dimly lit video included on the CD, was an important one. It represented the first public, hometown performance of material that would appear in slightly different forms on In The Aeroplane Over The Sea." (from the 33 1/3 book by Kim Cooper)
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Kilowatt Club, July 1, 1996

"Neutral Milk Hotel played the opening date of their debut national tour, with Pee and old friends the Supreme Dicks." (from the 33 1/3 book by Kim Cooper)
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Other Music, October 5, 1996

"[Jeff] made a solo appearance in New York’s Other Music store, where he previewed “Oh Comely,
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L Education

A. E. Phillips Elementary School

Robert Schneider and Jeff Mangum meet on the playground, circa 1978
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L Recording

Pet Sounds Studio (former location)

Aeroplane sessions, fall 1997
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L Homes

Athens, GA

Members of E6 community first live here circa 1991
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Childhood home of Bill Doss

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Grady Avenue (former residence)

In 1997 Jeff shared the Grady Avenue house with Julian Koster, Robbie Cucchiaro, Laura Carter and Bryan Poole.
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Grandma's House

Julian's grandmother welcomed Jeff, Scott and Jeremy into her home, where they rehearsed for the "On Avery Island" tour and wrote some of the songs that would become "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea."
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Julian and Robbie's place

"The tiny, rent-controlled apartment on Christopher Street between Bleecker and West 4th, which [Julian] shared with his friend Robbie Cucchiaro and a menagerie of stray animals, criss-crossing tape loops and visiting musicians." (from the 33 1/3 book by Kim Cooper)
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Monroe House

Ross Beach lived in the Monroe House in the summer of 1993, when the housemates threw five all-night parties, each drawing about 150 people (not counting the inevitable visit from the Ruston police). Olivia Tremor Control—then comprised of Will, Bill and Jeff, drumming with metal coat hangers, presumably because he couldn’t afford drumsticks— was the unofficial house band, sharing informal bills with a variety of Ruston and Monroe groups. Ross remembers that Jeff “usually played a solo acoustic set during which the entire loud raucous party would become a hush, with people sitting down on the floor to take in his performance. Anytime he took the stage, it was immediately compelling.
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The Landfill

"It wasn’t until late 1996, at a party at the Landfill--a communal house at 660 Reese Street, where Will Hart and various Olivia Tremor Control members were living--that Athens got a chance to see the full band version of Neutral Milk Hotel." (from Kim Cooper's 33 1/3 book)
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L Misc.

KLPI-FM, Louisiana Tech radio station

"The majority of US college stations in the 1980s were programming a mix of punk, alternative rock and proto-
grunge. But for Scott Spillane, who moved from Shreveport in 1989, KLPI still had the feel of a 1970s college station, with a freaky crowd spinning arty album tracks... Will Hart was first to get a DJ spot, and his friends made themselves at home there, too. By 1990, Jeff would rise to the position of music director." (from the 33 1/3 book by Kim Cooper)
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Monroe, LA

where all the punk kids lived
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The Fun-O-Mat (later: The Dry Dock)

where many early E6 Ruston bands performed (and did their laundry)
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The Musee Mechanique (former site)

"That week, the band went out to the western edge of the city to visit the Muse
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L Shopping

Haymakers (former location)

"Robert [Schneider] first encountered Bill [Doss] in the mid-eighties in Haymakers guitar store, where the nascent E6 crowd often loitered and sometimes took guitar lessons. Haymakers brought Robert and Bill together more formally when owner Eddie suggested that they had similar tastes and should play together." (from the 33 1/3 book by Kim Cooper)
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