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Norseman Games

4829 East Beltline, NE
Grand Rapids, MI, 49525 United States of America
Developer and publisher of the longest continuously running graphical MMOG (massively multi-player online game), The Realm Online.
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Seattle Area, Washington,
Arena.net was founded by ex-Blizzard guys who went on to ship Guild Wars and sell the startup to NCsoft for phat lewt.
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Bioware Austin

8300 N Mo Pac Expy
Austin, TX, 78759 US
Now owned by EA, Bioware was started in Edmonton and has been in Austin since 2006.
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Irvine, California,
The makers of Worlds of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft.
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Conduit Games

MMO venture-backed startup. Still in stealth mode.
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Cryptic Studios

Bay Area, California,
Makers of the super hero MMO: City of Heroes.
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Electronic Arts

Bay Area, California, 94065
EA's online products include Ultima Online and Pogo.com.
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Flagship Studios

221 King St
Bay Area, California, 94107
Development studio for Hellgate: London.
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Flying Lab Software

Seattle Area, Washington,
Seattle based MMO startup working on "Pirates of the Burning Sea"
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KingsIsle Entertainment

Austin, Texas,
MMO startup founded by former Shadowbane guys.
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Linden Lab

Bay Area, California,
Makers of Second Life. Hiring developers, program managers, QA manager, QA engineers, and others.
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Mythic Entertainment

Fairfax, Virginia,
The makers of Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online.
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NCsoft Austin

6801 N. Capital of Texas Hwy
Building 1, Suite #102
Austin, Texas, 78731
The Korean MMO powerhouse's North American HQ is run by the Garriot Brothers of Ultima fame.
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Denver Area, Colorado,
Makers of the Jumpgate and Auto Assault MMO games.
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Perpetual Entertainment

149 New Montgomery
Bay Area, California, 94105
SF based MMO startup founded by former EA execs Chris McKibbin and Joe Keene currently working on Star Trek Online and Gods and Heroes.
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221 King St.
Bay Area, California, 94107
MMOG Middleware, Services, and Hosting. Current titles include Hellgate: London and Mythos.
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Secret Lair Studios

22525 SE 64th Place
Suite 211
Seattle Area, Washington, 98027
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Sony Online Entertainment - Austin

Austin, Texas,
SOE's Austin studio is the the home of Star Wars Galaxies and a new super powered project.
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Sony Online Entertainment - San Diego

San Diego, California,
Makers of EverQuest. SOE world HQ is located in sunny San Diego.
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Sony Online Entertainment - Seattle

Seattle Area, Washington,
SOE's Seattle studio was born from the ashes of Microsoft's cancelled Mythica MMO project and Monolith's Matrix Online team.
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Three Rings

Bay Area, California,
Arr...makers of Puzzle Pirates!
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Tulga Games

Mesa, Arizona,
Horizons: Empire of Istaria
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Turbine Entertainment

Boston Area, Massachusetts, 02090
Makers of Asheron's Call, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Middle Earth Online.
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Virtrium LLC

461 W Apache Trail
Apache Junction, AZ, 85220 US
Developers of Istaria
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Wolfpack Studios

Austin, Texas,
Makers of Shadowbane, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ubisoft.
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L Entertainment


11770 Bernardo Plaza Ct
San Diego, CA, 92128 US
Areae, Inc. was founded in July of 2006. We’re venture-backed now, and run by our President, Raph Koster and John Donham, veterans of the whole “massively multiplayer” scene. We’re working on some new tech that will literally change how virtual worlds are made. We’ve got a cool world or two incubating on the back burner. And we’re hiring, so if any of this sounds exciting, drop us a line. We’ll be running quiet for a while — check back in a few months to see how far we’ve come.
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