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60 Hillview Road

My parents moved us here when I was a few months old. Unfortunately, the house is gone .. it was an old farmhouse located almost exactly where the large tank in the overhead coverage can be seen.
I lived here until I was 14, when we moved back to the Beech Street location in Kearny.
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62 Beech Street

This was my maternal granparent's house. We lived there when I was born, Sep 12th, 1945
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Bergen Tech

Formerly the Bergen County Technical and Vocational High School
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Chris O'Connor's Sinclair Station

There's a different business here now, but Chris's was were my dad always had his cars repaired. The town was so small back in the 50's that Chris's was were the phone rang when someone reported afire .. there was as witch on the wall Chris would throw to sound the siren system that summoned volunteer firemen to the firehouse. What happened after hours you might ask? Well the operators switched the phone call to the Butler police department, the closest town that had 24 hour service, and they sounded the siren from their office.
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Holy Spirit RC School

I went to the 5th and 6th grades here. No, I wasn't catholic. The church had built a new school with vacant space and the township had severe school crowding problems. So the town leased space from the church ... hard to imagine in today's hyper-sensitive church and state world, but none of us seemed to suffer. Izzy Fogelson jr., the Jewish grocer's son and I both learned to say 'yes, Sister' when being corrected for our hallway misbehavior by the nuns, and we both seem little the worst for wear.
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Kearny High School

After I took a road trip in my freshman year, I landed up here in Kearny High. My family moved back to the granparent's home on Beech Street. The arrow is placed right about where the vice principal's office was, where I spent a lot of time.
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Lincoln Park Airport - N07

This was my childhood home away from home. I 'hung out' and later worked at the airport for many years. Ed and Jule Gorski, who owned and manged Lincoln Prak Airport (Aero Flying Service, Inc.) from 1946 well into the '80s) were my mentors and substitute parents.
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Pequannock Elementary School

I went here for my first couple years. The building was old then but it's still in use as a maintenance and storage facility for the district
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Pequannock Township HS

I went here for part of my freshman year. perhaps the sands of time have been unfair but I can never remeber a more unsatisfactiory school expereince. The school was brand new at the time and my impresson was they scraped the bottom of the barrel to staff it. I lasted from Septe,mber through Novemeber, 1959, when I decided to make my own way without the wonderful 'help' of the school district.
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Pequannock Valley School

I went to 7th and 8th grade here.
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Post 450, American Legion, 11 OAK AVE

My mom and dad were both WWII Navy vets. They were very active in the American Legion. This post was founded in the late '40s, early 50s and the members built the Post Home, cinderblock by cinderblock. I spent many hours here building, later running 'scrap drives' papaer and cardboard recycling) and learning how dedicated folks can build an organization without outside support. My mom was the first woman commander of this post.
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Shalvoy Automotive

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Talar's Trek

The places I have lived, and worked, especially during my 38 plus years of government service

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