How To Use CommunityWalk
Getting Started
We've spent a great deal of time trying to make CommunityWalk as intuitive as possible. There's still quite a way to go before we achieve this goal, but we think we've made it intuitive enough that it would be slower to read a tutorial about how to get started than it would be to simply starting using the application.

So click "Create A Map" at the top of this page and get started! If you have any problems at all email us at or check out the forums!

Advanced Techniques
Nothing personalizes a map like the voice of the map creator or a local person. Odeo offers a free tool that lets you record audio. You can then place a widget in your map that will play your content when ever somone clicks on the play button. Unfortunately the service, "Odeo", no longer offers the ability to record audio. You may be able to use Entertonment, though, to record audio.

Example map with audio content

The ability to link directly to a specific marker in a map can come in very handy. Here's a short and sweet tutorial explaining how to do this.

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You can upload any icon file you want (assuming you own the file) to use in your map. This is a great way to add brand recognition to your map or just liven it up, making it more engaging for the end user.

CommunityWalk will generate the icon's shadow, legend image, and print image all automatically.

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