14 Dancing Women / 14 Femmes Dansantes

1285 Western Road
London, ON, Canada

Category: Rose

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"Elaine Carr, 14 Dancing Women / 14 Femmes Dansantes (1994). (Photograph courtesy of Samuel Oh-Neill.)

"The Circle…
affirms the experience and hopes of women
and the unique process we employ
to explore and reflect the sacred in our lives.

The Circle is a forum
where the richness of women’s experience—
personal and collective,
artistic, scholarly, professional—
the seed of the sacred,
can be uncovered, shared and celebrated.
This sharing and celebration
is the catalyst for our action."...

"In our hearts, we are mourners for all those
who have not survived.
In our souls, we are warriors for those who are now
as we were then.
In our lives, we are both celebrant and proof of women’s capacity
to survive, to become, to act, to change self and society.
And each year, we are stronger,
and there are more of us."

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