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Alamo City Housebuyer

Foreclosure issues? – It’s more common than you think and the best way to handle it is to be proactive. The faster you line up a buyer the better.

Missed a payment or two? – It happens. You can sell your home to us and we can lease it back to you if you would like to stay in the home.

Major Home Repairs? – Most homeowners don’t have the cash to make large repairs. You have plenty of options when you work with an investor.

My Listing Agent Is Unable Sell My House? – Not all real estate agents are great at their jobs. You don’t have to put a sign in the yard to sell the property. Why not receive a free offer today?

Evicting a tenant? – Everyone hates evictions, including the tenants. Did you know that you can sell your home with the tenant in it?

Bankruptcy issues? – Can't access the equity in your home because of a bankruptcy. We can help… Call us today.

Property Liens? – Can I sell my home even though I have property liens? Yes

Divorce? – This is never fun… It’s painful, stressful, and never easy. We offer a guaranteed sale with flexible closing dates. Most first time home buyers can’t and won’t make these types of concessions.

Retiring or Downsizing? – We make the process easy with flexible closing dates and all cash offers.

High Property Taxes? – Property taxes are through the roof in Texas. It’s not uncommon to see a $20,000 increase each year.

Death in the Family? – Inheriting a property isn't easy. If you don’t want to be a fly by night landlord then selling the home is a great option.

Tired of Being a Landlord? – Problematic tenants, negative cash flow and vacant properties can cause severe headaches on a regular basis. Turn your headache into a check today.


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