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Modern Phoenix Neighborhoods

Harold Ekman, Ralph Haver, Ed Varney, Weaver & Drover, and Fred Guirey all housed their architecture firms on the south side of Camelback in the mid-50s. Al Beadle designed one of his first commercial buildings just a few doors down. See 111, 201 506 and 341 E. Camelback, plus the building across the street (yeah, the Castle Boutique). Though the Haver / Weaver&Drover / Varney offices at 128, 221 and 207 have been replaced with an unremarkable Auto Zone building and perhaps See's Candies, one one of Haver's rare two-story designs has since been rehabilitated by Red Modern Furniture -- as must-stop for any visitor to Phoenix. The Schreiber Brothers office building is just up the street on Central as well.