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What Photocopier?

What Photopier? presents the best choice Photocopy machine for every business, be it a small business or a large one, office equipment can represent a huge investment, not only the initial cost of the equipment but also its maintenance costs. Photocopy machines are an example of such office equipment. These machines are not only expensive, but the cost to maintain them is high as well. So in order to get the best value for your money you have to select the photocopiers that give you the best value. This article will provide you with the points that have to be kept in mind before buying a photocopy machine.
o Evaluate the needs. You have to evaluate your needs and requirements. What type of photocopy will have to be made? A3 size? A4 size? Or any other size. Then you have to check the specifications of the photocopy machine, whether it meets your standard requirements or not? Another need that has to be kept in mind is that what types of copies have to be made. Single page copies? Multi-page copies? Double-sided copies? Make sure that the photocopiers that you have to select include these features as well.
o Speed is one function that has to be given special attention before choosing the photocopy machine. How many photocopies can the machine deliver within a minute? The requirements of your company have to be checked and the photocopiers that fulfill those criteria have to be shortlisted before selecting the best one. Make sure to keep in mind that the speed of the photocopy will decline when the photocopy is double-sided; you have to check the requirements of your company and see whether the photocopy machine matches those requirements.
o Volume of photocopies that have to be made is also of a huge significance for a company. How much photocopies can the machine make in a day? How many photocopies can be made from one ink cartridge? These functions will also be included in the maintenance costs of the photocopy machine. The size of the firm and the costs it is willing to incur will also affect the decision when buying a photocopy machine.
o Price range has to be kept in mind. Before choosing the photocopy machine, make sure to keep the price range in mind. The prices of photocopy machines can vary from $500 to $7500. Make sure to select the machine that comes within your price range and provides you with the best possible functions and performance.
o Other features and functions also have to be kept in mind before buying a photocopy machine. These features include, paper trays, reducing and enlargement. The capacity of the paper that the photocopy machine is able to hold. The more the capacity, the less time it will take for the photocopier machine to make photocopies. Many documents need to be enlarged or to be reduced in size, this is an important feature which has to be kept in mind, if the photocopy machine doesn't provide these functions then they are of no use.