Camp Montezuma

1850 E Van Buren St
Phoenix, AZ 85034, US

Category: Demolished

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Van Buren

"The finest cottage auto camp in Arizona. A really beautiful place - one that offers comfortable cottage quarters or attractive camping sites with all modern conveniences including free baths and electricity at reasonable rates. The comforts of home; a quiet restful environment; friendly folks around - combine to make Camp Montezuma 'a place by the side of the road' for those who yearn for something a bit better, yet something within their means. Just watch for the orange sign on the Bankhead National Highway, two miles east of Phoenix."

Now how many people have heard of Bankhead National Highway? Not many! It was one of the first Interstate roads (which were usually called transcontinental trails in the 1920s), from El Paso Texas to San Diego. This route was later called the Borderland Highway after 1926 and finally still later most of it was incorporated into US 80 in the 1930s. The route was conceived as a tribute to Senator John H. Bankhead, who had been instrumental in passage of the Federal Aid Road Act of 1916.